Hello everyone!!!

Hello everyone, I am an old Crossfire player deciding on coming back to play the game again. (See me here: http://crossfire.z8games.com/profile/4538120), Now A couple thing do you guys and gals think I should make a new account or just use this one? Also i'd like to hear about the progress made since the last time I played this game which my profile says 5 years ago.

Also the community before when i played, Mainly in 2009-2011 I think. The community was rather lackluster every time you played too well they would constantly call hacks it wasn't uncommon either happened almost every game. Speaking of hacks they were somewhat rampant before. Is it any better now?

I'm not sure what else to bring up so I'm kind of being lazy and hopping you guys and gals will stir up a topic for me.


  • Pretty dead but fun at times just don't play on weekends it's full of cheaters. weekdays you run into the under the map cheaters and aimb0t a bit but isn't too bad. I like the game just not how it gets handled or looked after.

    If you got access to that account still might as well play on it, you can get a nice name card from an event going on right now, it's like play 30minutes for 10 days in March and since your account is 5 years old you'll get a pretty cool color name card with CF 9 anniversary logo on it.
  • Hi, you do not have an honorable soldier and you have few ribbons I think you should create a new account although you can continue with it without the possibility of being honorable and do the events again so as not to lose your creation date since you are a founder (2009), always There have been and will continue to be cheaters. I can tell you that we have new modes, maps, chatacters, weapons, and more easy to level up with events, acquire weapons, we are in constant communication with GM's and community through discord. the decision is yours if you come back or not.Welcome back
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