CrossFire Mini-Games Collection V2!

CrossFire Mini-Games Collection V2!

Hello, CrossFire players, I am posting an updated version of the mini-games collection thread.
Here is a cool list of all the mini-games on CrossFire that players play at the moment! If I missed any, please
leave a comment.

To play this mini-game, all players are required to stand at the wall in A site long in Black Widow. One player becomes the host. The aim of this game is to run from the starting position (The wall), to the designated area (Train Unit at A site), and back to the starting point (The wall). The last person to get to this wall loses and will be killed in the head by the host. To make this more interesting, the host will use a semi-automatic sniper rifle and blind fire at the running players, as well as throwing grenades. Any players who have lost must stand behind the wall and spectate the remaining players. This is one of the newest mini-games out there! It is fun and loved by all players. It also gives a bit of challenge to all players.
Created by C4.
Deathrun thread

Deathrun 2.0
The objective of this mini-game is to run from one side of the corridor, to the far side avoiding the knife slashes of the players stood on the sides in Black Widow map. Players will take it in turns to run through this wall of death and make it to the other side. There is no winner in this mini-game. The only way to win is to escape the wall of death. Another new mini-game which has been played by a far few players. This is a good mini-game to play with your friends.
Created by Claire9822.
Deathrun 2.0 thread

Duck Hunt
The objective of this mini-game is too run through a bombardment of grenades and get through to the other side, alive. Each time a player runs though the corridor in middle of Black Widow map, 4-5 players will begin to throw standard frag grenades through the windows towards the player. The player trying to escape must run, duck and jump past the grenade bombardment to the other side. Just like Death Run 2.0, players will take it in turns to try to escape this bombardment.
Created by svanced.
Duck Hunt thread

Simon Says
A mini-game which the host or a selected player has to say something in which the other players have to do. For example, if Simon says to look up, then you would look up. When a player does not do the current action which has been said, he will be killed and will be out of the game. Very easy and fun mini-game. It recently got popular.
Created by C4.

In this mini-game, there are two teams of player. The first team (BL) is the infected and the other team (GR) is the survivors. This aim of this game
is for Black List to go kill as many Global Risk as they can while only using a normal knife and a smoke grenade. The on the other hand, Global Risk are allowed any GP shotguns
and any knife. Global Risk can't leave their base and only have three lives which means that the last surviving Global Risk will win.
This mini-game is very fun to play with your friends. However, you could get a lot of deaths. So make sure you have your AK-47 VIP if you don't want the deaths to count! :P
Created by Rory.
Overrun thread

Smear the Qu33r
This mini-game is normally played on the Black Widow map at B site. In this mini- game, there will be one player who is 'tagged'. This player can only use a Desert Eagle pistol while everyone else can only use a regular knife and a flash grenade. The aim for the player who is 'tagged' is to survive as long as he can while the aim for the rest of the players is to kill the person who is 'tagged'. Anyone can be the 'tagged' person if they kill the current 'tagged' player. This is a really fun and challenging mini-game played by many players. I, myself have played this many times with my friends!
Created by BlindRob.
Smear the Qu33r video with rules

Smoke in the house
In this mini-game, everyone goes to A site or find a small room and throws their smoke grenade. Once you are inside the smoke, you have to kill as many players as you can.
However, there are gun restrictions which will make it harder for you to kill!
Very easy and simple to understand the rules. A mini-game for everyone!
Created by Cattlauer & Friends.
Smoke in the house thread

Pain train
In this mini-game, one person is tagged as the 'Pain Train'. This person is not allowed to use any guns however, this tagged person is allowed to use any
melee of his choice! The main aim for the tagged person is to kill a runner, once he kills a runner with a melee weapon, he will then becomes a runner and the person
killed will become the new 'Pain Train'. The runners are only allowed to use a "M9 or Colt 1911" and are not allowed to use their melee. For every 5 people who are in the room,
there will be at least one 'Pain Train'. This is a very nice mini-game which you can play with your friends. Rules are easy to follow and it's a lot of fun!
Created by Lobster & Friends.
Pain Train thread

In this mini-game, the Black List seeks while the Global Risk hides. Black List can only use a regular knife while Global Risk can't use anything. If a Black List member
finds a Global Risk, they have to kill him. For Black List to win, they need to seek out all the players and kill them. For Gobal Risk to win, they need to hide
until the time runs out for that round. The teams can swap if they choose to. Another fun mini-game which still gets played even now. Try it out with your friends! :P
Creator of this mini-game is unknown.
Hide&Seek thread

In this mini-game, the Black List team have to go to the Global Risk spawn without getting killed or hit. Once one Black List player reaches the spawn, the Black List team wins
and the Global Risk players have to let themselves get killed. Black list are not allowed to use any weapons while Global Risk are allowed to use a regular knife.
I have never played this, but I think this is fun game and I have to try this out soon!
Created by Monksta.
Bulldog thread

In this mini-game, the Black List team have 30 seconds to hide while the Global Risk stay at the spawn during this time. After the 30 seconds, Global Risk have to find and search Black List players however, they are only allowed to use a knife to kill them. Black List are not allowed to kill any Global Risk and their main aim is to run and not to be killed until the round finishes. Teams swap over after 5 rounds.
I haven't played this mini-game before however, it sounds fun and a bit of challenge for the Global Risk. This is also the first mini-game which is targeted at Ghost Mode!
Created by Madanki.
Hunt! thread

In this mini-game, there are 5 Black List and 3 Global Risk players. The Global Risk players choose where the Black List players have to rush and each game has 7 rounds. Black List have to rush through that area e.g. Going to B site. In the first round, you are only allowed to use pistols. For the rest of the rounds, you are allowed to use all weapons expect from sniper rifles. The aim from each side is to kill all the players for that side to win. This is really a straight forward mini-game and it looks a lot of fun!
Created by [ECoA]Egeenz.
BRUSH Thread
Brush Video

Death Ring
In this mini-game, players are only allowed a regular knife. Global Risk should only move clock-wise while the Black List can only move anticlock-wise. Players are only allowed to move around the circular grey-concrete corridor in TD Arena. The aim of this mini-game is to win. Sounds like a fun mini-game.
Created by Borjah.
Death Ring Thread


  • Formidable effort. I wouldn't expect any less from ya. This'll certainly help with Forumer Rooms and whatnot, so they have an assortment of games to play.
  • Great thread but Duck hunt was my mini-game not claire's.
  • Abel95Abel95 Grand Duke
    svanced wrote: »
    Great thread but Duck hunt was my mini-game not claire's.

    Alright, thanks for the confirmation. I assumed it was Claire's since there was no mention of who created it.
  • BorjahBorjah Worthy
    Made a thread about a mini game called death run here:****ME-Death-ring

    Would appreciate it if you added that to the list.
  • Abel95Abel95 Grand Duke
    Borjah wrote: »
    Made a thread about a mini game called death run here:****ME-Death-ring

    Would appreciate it if you added that to the list.

    Yeah, I have added this mini-game to the list. Thanks for letting me know!
  • No0o0o0o0oOoNo0o0o0o0oOo Knight-Errant
    Good Thread i liked the mini games
  • MabohohoMabohoho Holy Knight
    Weeeee i never think that u guys made this much, i read it all, but kinda get lost already about understanding it all, well im sure time is there when the forumers are coming back and u guys can explain more inside the game, anyway thanks abel and all
  • Interesting list of mini-games. I read through them and there's one I'd like to add. It's similar to Smear the Qu33r, but I think it's unique enough to get it's own section:

    Freeze Tag
    In a FFA map, depending on the number of players, there will be 1-3 players that are "it". Only regular knife or balloon hammer allowed. The people that are "it" must count to 10 before starting. The 'it' players use left click only to tag other players. Once tagged, the player is frozen and cannot move; they should announce in chat where they are so other players can come unfreeze them. Other players must kill those that are frozen to unfreeze them; the trick is to avoid the 'it' players while doing so. If the 'it' players accidentally kill someone, they are immediately unfrozen. Once the 'it' players tag everyone, the game ends. If the 'it' players do not succeed within the game time, the other players win.
  • Potential mini-games:

    Meteor Strike: (Like duck hunt, but harder)
    Ideal map: Port S&D, A site.
    Rules: Make sure no one has AC equipped or this won't work. BL start and nade themselves/eachother to 1hp, then try and rush A site (Have to go through the long area) with melee. GR have to stand on top of A site and are ONLY allowed to use grenades.BL have to make it up to A site and kill GR with melee. If GR fail to kill BL, they must avoid them until the time runs out, without leaving the site, or until BL kills them.

    Rules: Players use m9/glock/p228 etc. (Weak pistols) while the 2 teams stand far away from each other doing 5 or so damage a shot. It used to be played on Christmas/Halloween TD map, not sure if there is anything else suitable.

    Rules: Teams take it in turns to assault the enemy spawn. The team that is Defending cannot leave their spawn area. The team that is Attacking must go to the enemy spawn and clear them out.

    FaZe clan:
    Ideal Map: Port again, A site.
    Weapons: GR: m700 (Maybe AWM or another sniper if m700 is too hard) | BL: Shotguns (Can restrict to no automatic shotguns/maybe use Uzi/weak pistols)
    Rules: BL must walk to A site via the long area. GR must use m700 and 360 noscope (Maybe just regular no-scope if too hard) them. BL can use shotguns to kill GR.

    Red light, green light:
    Rules: FFA. 1 player is chosen to be the... traffic light, I guess... Anyway, that player finds a spot with a wall, and a moderate distance to walk. They then stand a fair distance away from the wall, and all the other players line up at the wall. The "traffic light" then turns their back for a minimum of 2 seconds. The other players have to walk towards the "traffic light" while their back is turned. (Running gives away footsteps and the traffic light could use this to their advantage) If they turn back round and see someone moving, they can shoot that player. (To make it more interesting you COULD have a rule to only shoot the player furthest in front.) Once you die, you have to wait to respawn and then run back to the wall. Winner is the first one to melee the "traffic light" (Once the "traffic light" is hit they cannot attack back), and that player then becomes the "traffic light". They can pick a new spot or stick with the old one.

    Rules: FFA. One player starts off as the Warden.One person starts off as the Gun Smuggler/Arms Dealer. Everyone starts in a similar place. The arms dealer runs off and hides somewhere in the map. Once they're ready, the prisoners throw all their weapons away (In the same place or off the map to prevent accidental pick up), and the warden keeps theirs. The players must follow the wardens commands (Stuff like, jump over that box, give me 20 pushups/crouches, follow me, climb that ladder and jump back down) and try and sneak off when they think he's not looking. The warden can shoot a prisoner who runs off once. If the prisoner stops, they have to go back towards the group/warden. If they don't stop, they can run away and the warden can try and shoot them. The goal for the prisoners is to run off from the warden, find the arms dealer, who will then drop their weapon for the prisoner (Sorry arms dealer, you have a boring but essential role), with which the prisoner can kill the warden. (The warden can shoot back). The warden is not allowed to actively look for the arms dealer, but if they happen across them while ordering around the prisoners, they may execute them. The prisoner who kills the warden becomes the next warden, and the old warden then becomes the arms dealer. Prisoners can pick up the dead prisoners weapon should the warden kill them. Warden wins if alive after a certain amount of time, or all prisoners dead AFTER running off/picking up weapons. Prisoners win if Warden dies. If the warden kills all (or a bunch) of the prisoners for no reason, then the warden loses.
  • MabohohoMabohoho Holy Knight
    I got this idea
    maybe we call and name it: Who Circle?

    this idea work on any map on any players needed, at least need 2 players in the room, and what more important the 2 players dont lie about if the other are correct or not,anyway the hosts like abel and the rest are better needed for this idea sence they are the hosts

    the idea is 1 random player face the wall, and 1 random other player is the guy who will circle, the guy who circle stand at any place he want but the rest like host and rest players should keep an eye on both 2 random players, so they dont cheat or sneak to win and then the player not facing the wall circle with the mouse only 360 degree on him or her self, to the right (like the clock time) or circle to the left (like the clock time but opposite), he must do 360 degree or more, it doesnt matter if more than 360 we just need full circle and the direction to right or left, after that the player that face the wall should guess if the player circle to right or to left, and if he answer wrong he lose, maybe we give 3 chances of trying if u lose the guess, and the player was facing the wall better do circling to right or left if he dont want to use the keyboard to say he or she did it to right or left, and those who fail 3 times, will lose and not be promoted to next round for example, and the last man who guess and fail less =winner

    +more but not needed alot, (another option that make the game find the winner fast) we could do more than 1 player circle 360 degree on him self (or more than 1 player at the same time if u guys can handle monitor more than 1 player at time), then the guy face the wall say exactly the player name and the direction if he did right or left, for example me face the wall, and the rest 15 starting from 1 to next player, they circle to right and left, and after first player cirlce 360, the rest players or host say 1 down or 1 done or the (ign name done), then i need to say right or left, and the host record my answer if its correct or not, by add +1 to correct answer or 0 if im wrong, we keep this until we all done, and at the end of 15 we choose another player, but 15 player will be alot for sure but maybe 5 players are not bad, means me 1, and the rest 5 guesses and not 15, cause 15 will take alot time as i think

    Plz feel free to ask if u didnt understand, and its better if some1 plz help me to right this idea in less words, or simple forget that i post this already, thanks anyway, still trying, still have hope, at least i see that in my self
  • Alright, new mini-games is kinda interesting. Would be a lot of fun tho..
  • Does anyone remember the mini-game Dajie? It used to be pretty popular in 2014, but I don't think anyone plays it anymore. I don't know who created this mini-game but it's pretty fun IMO.

    Mode: SND (all weapons allowed)
    Recommended Number of Players: 8+ (the more the better)

    Rules for GR:
    • Can use any weapon.
    • Can only attack a BL member if one or more of the following conditions are met:
      • They're standing (i.e. uncrouched) with their melee weapon out (i.e. the weapon when you press 3 on your keyboard)
      • They're standing and moving (i.e. running)
        • bhopping is allowed however
      • They're above a spray
        • if a spray was recently applied under someone, give them a second to get off before attacking
      • They're outside of spawn before the time hits 2:00
    • If none of the above conditions are satisfied anymore, you must stop attacking immediately.
    • Usually if BL is attacked by accident (known as black or hei), the killer must allow the person they accidentally killed to avenge their death the next round. However this depends on the situation and sometimes can be relaxed depending on the situation.
    Rules For BL:
    • Can only use grenades or melee attacks (primary weapon melee attacks such as M4A1 VIP buttplate are allowed).
    • Can attack at any time (but have to be careful not to get themselves killed).
    Other Rules:
    • At the last 30 seconds, the game becomes a knife match, and all previous rules are ignored.
      • If the bomb is planted during these 30 seconds, then it becomes a normal SND game (all weapons are allowed).
      • NOTE: the bomb can only be planted during the last 30 seconds.
    Tips For GR:
    • Use a large spray such as Xeno Poster or Desertion spray.
    • Make use of different angles to have the spray cover a larger area.
    • Group together with other teammates to create a large safe spot to defend.
    • To avoid black, make sure it is very obvious a BL member is attackable before attacking.
      • If a BL member is on top of a spray, only shoot the part of their body that's inside the spray area.
      • If a BL member is standing with their melee out, make sure you stop attacking once they switch weapons or if they crouch.
    • To avoid black, make sure to stop attacking when a BL member is close to becoming unattackable (e.g. when they're getting off a spray). This will ensure you don't black due to lag.
    Tips For BL:
    • Wide grenade and flashes are very useful for luring.
    • Having the team coordinate a flash followed by a rush is a viable strategy.
    • If you think you were killed unfairly (black or hei), make sure to discuss it in chat.
    • Protect the C4 for planting at the last 30 seconds.
    • The Xeno Poster spray used to be the best spray to use in this mini-game due to having unlimited horizontal distance, however this is no longer the case.
    • Dajie used to be hosted in Alpha - Channel 7 with room names such as Dajie+1 where the password would be 123 concatenated with whatever comes after the plus sign (in this example, the password would be 1231).
    • Dajie can take a long time to finish (since it usually takes up the full 2 minutes per round). This also means it gives a lot of EXP.
    Gameplay Video:
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