The Ultimate Forumer's Guide 2.0

Welcome to Ultimate Forumers Guide 2.0!


Hello everyone! Welcome to a update version of the Ultimate Forumers Guide, you may find the previous one here. My name is Abel and I have been around these forums since the beginning of 2009. I have decided to give this guide an update since it is very out of date! :p

Table of contents:

[1.0]* Introduction
[1.1]* Forums – What are they?
[1.2]* User CP
[1.3]* Private Messages
[1.4]* Public Profile
[1.5]* Stickies
[1.6]* How to post
[1.7]* Polls
[1.8]* Closed threads
[1.9]* BBCodes
[2.0]* Usernames
[2.1]* Staff Members
[2.2]* The Rules
[2.3]* Infractions / Warnings
[2.4]* Bans
[2.5]* Forum ranks

*Note: use control + F which will bring up a search bar. Enter the code to find the section.

[1.1] Forums – What are they?

A forum is basically a board in which members can join together and discuss or chat what they would like. Z8Games forum is a message board for players that play both CrossFire, and Lost Saga. The forum is for members who would like to talk about their respective games and/or discuss about a specific topic.

Our forum ( consists of 3 larger scale forums, or categories. They are Z8Games, CrossFire, and Lost Saga. These categories consist of many different medium scale forums. They are:

Under Z8Games

  • Z8Games Announcements *
In this section, announcements are made related to Z8Games as a company. These announcements will only be posted by the staff at Z8Games and normal members are restricted to post in this section. An example of such a announcement which could be made here is if an payment system is closing down therefore, it will be announced in this section to let everyone know in advance.

  • Rules & Conduct *
In this section, you can read about the current rules and code of conduct. This is a important section of the forums as it highlights the rules that each member of the forums should follow and abide by. Make sure you check the threads in this section on a regular basis since rules can be either added or changed! Please refer to [2.2] for a breakdown of the rules.

Under CrossFire

  • CrossFire Announcements
In this section of the forums, you will find announcements related to CrossFire which are posted by the CrossFire staff. In this section, normal members are allowed to post however, they are not allowed to edit their posts. There is also sub sections in this section where you can view previous announcements and patch notes however, members are restricted to post in the sub sections. So if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news regarding CrossFire, make sure you visit this section of the forums on a regular basis!

  • CrossFire Barracks
The CrossFire Barracks is the section of the forums where anything related to CrossFire is talked about as long as it follows the rules of forums. Some may seem to look at it as the heart of the forums due to the fact that it is the most viewed and posted section of the forums. In this section, anyone can post, edit or delete their threads or posts.

  • Clan Discussion and Recruitment
This section of the forums is for CrossFire clans to either post their recruitment thread or to have any discussions related to CrossFire clans. If you are a new member on the forums and you want to join a clan, you can simply post your application in this section.

  • CrossFire Competitive Forum
This part of the forums is about CrossFire Competitive scene. If you ever want to join tournament or leagues or even make your own competitive team then this is the section of the forums for you! Not only that but there is some great discussions going on about strategy and defence which you might want to have a read on.

  • CrossFire Technical Support
If you ever come across a problem related to CrossFire then post it here. There are members within the community who are willing to help and they may solve your problem.

  • Cross Fire Off-Topic
Like every other forum, a place where players can talk about non-game related stuff. These can be events which are happening in real life or an discussion on something which might interest you. E.g. A TV Show like Game Of Thrones. You can often find forum games such as "Count to 100" or "Last Post Wins" which can be often fun. Anything which is posted in the off-topic section will not count towards your post count however, you will still have to follow the rules of the forum!

CrossFire Subforums

In addition, Z8Games also have smaller forums, also known as subforums. They are basically forums that fall under another forum. The subforums of Z8Games are:

  • Previous Patch Notes
This is a sub-forum of the "CrossFire Announcements" section. In this subforum, you find all the previous patch notes regarding CrossFire however, normal members are not allowed to post in this subform. It is mainly here if anyone wants to look up a previous patch notes thread.

  • Previous Announcements
This is a sub-forum of the "CrossFire Announcements" section. In this subforum, players can find previous announcements regarding CrossFire. This can vary from events to promotions. If a previous announcement is found in this subforum section then it announcement is no long relevant but here for historic purposes.

  • Community
This is a sub-forum of the "CrossFire Barracks" section. The Community section is split into 2 categories; Events & Fan Works. The Events section is a place where player made events can be posted. This can things such as ZP Giveaways or FFA Tournaments. The Fan Works section is a place where players can submit their media such as pictures or videos which are related to CrossFire but are made by them. They can use this section of the forums to even get feedback for their work.

  • Modes
This is a sub-forum of the "CrossFire Barracks" section. The Modes section is split into 2 categories; S&D & Ghost Mode. The S&D section is a place where players can talk anything about the mode S&D. Normally you find players asking for which weapon is the best to use in S&D or what S&D map is your favourite. The Ghost Mode section is a place where players can talk anything about the mode Ghost Mode. You can find tournaments which are held by Ghost Mode players and a range of discussions surrounding that mode.

  • Suggestions
This is a sub-forum of the "CrossFire Barracks" section. If you have any suggestions for the game, please post them here. Every suggestion gets reviewed by the GMs at CrossFire so if you think you got a good idea then post it!

  • CFCL
This is a sub-forum of the "CrossFire Competitive Forum" section. CFCL is the main competitive tournament held at CrossFire North America, if you want to find information about it, this subforum is your place.

  • Looking for a Team?
This is a sub-forum of the "CrossFire Competitive Forum" section. A section of the forum where you can search for team to play competitive with you. Just post your application here and teams will reply if they want to take you in. Remember, you don't always have to join a team, you can also create your own team.

  • Evolution Gaming League
This is a sub-forum of the "CrossFire Competitive Forum" section. EGL is tournament which is held by CrossFire players on a weekly basis. If you ever need information or the latest news then look no further!

  • CrossFire Guides
This is a sub-forum of the "CrossFire Support" section. In this section of the forums, you can find player created guides related to CrossFire. A lot of the guides which are posted in this section is very useful and can help you to further expand your experience on CrossFire so I would suggest to everyone to have a good look through this section. Who knows? Something might surprise you! :p

  • Bugs
This is a sub-forum of the "CrossFire Support" section. If you ever encounter any bugs on CrossFire, this is the place where you can report them. Make sure when you do report them, try to add as much detail as possible and images of the bug always helps!

  • Technical Issues
This is a sub-forum of the "CrossFire Support" section. If you ever encounter Technical issues on CrossFire, you can report these tecgnical issues on this section of the forums. Make sure you include as much detail as possible and having images of the issues also helps!

  • CrossFire Player Photo’s
This is a sub-forum of the "Off-Topic" section. A section of the forums to post photos of yourself. Please don't post photos of anyone else without their permission!

Under Lost Saga

  • Lost Saga Announcements
In this section of the forums, you will find announcements related to Lost Saga which are posted by the Lost Saga staff. These announcements can be things such as events, promotions or even an update on what is happening.

  • Lost Saga General Discussion
The part of the forums where you can talk anything related to Lost Saga! You might even meet some new friends here that you might not have the chance to meet in-game. There is a wide range of topics in this section which may interest you so take a look!

  • Lost Saga Guild Lounge
If you ever want to find a clan or want to have discussion regarding clans on Lost Saga then this is the place for you. You can recruit new members, share your experiences or even organise a guild meeting.

  • Lost Saga Market Place
This is the market section of the forums where you can buy or sell in-game items. A good place to visit on a regular basis, you never know what you might find here!

  • Lost Saga Newcomers section
Are you new to Lost Saga? Then come to this section of the forums and introduce yourself! You can even ask questions about the game if you are unsure about something.

  • Lost Saga Art Center
This is the place where you can post any fan art that you made by yourself. It can be form of any media from images to videos! Post it in this section and get feedback from other players!

  • Lost Saga Tech Support
Having trouble with Lost Saga? Can't seem to find your solution? Then post your problem here and one of the community members might be able to help you out and solve your problem for you. You can also try to help other members in this section if you have the spare time!

  • Lost Saga Gear Design
Got a cool gear design? Why not show it off in this section of the forums? You can see other players Gear Designs which might inspire your design!

  • Lost Saga Off-Topic Discussion
Like all forums, there is a off-topic section for players who want to talk anything other than Lost Saga. These can be real life events or something which might interest you.

* = Closed forums; only Admins/Moderators can post, or the forum is closed.

That is the end of this section

[1.2] User CP

The User CP is certainly a perfect way to customize your forum experience. The User CP stands for the user control panel. It is a place where a forumer can do many things such as adding friends, or changing his/her profile avatar.

How to access the User CP?

In order for you to access the User CP, you need to login to the forums first. After you have done this, you need to click on "Settings" at the top right side of the page. This will take you to your User CP. Here, you will be able to change any settings that you want to change. e.g. Adding a new profile picture.

Overview of User CP

There are 2 functions in the User CP:

  • View your subscribed ranks
You can see any threads that you have subscribed to. You can subscribe to a thread by simply going to the thread and clicking on "Thread Tools" at the top of the thread. This will bring a dropdown menu in which you select "Subscribe to this thread..." which will let you subscribe to the thread.

  • Latest Infractions Received
If you’ve been a bad forumer (We all been there once ;) ), you can view your infractions. Information such as when a infraction expires, which rule is broken and how many points that specific infraction is, can be viewed here. It will also tell you who infracted you and sometimes, the thread/post is linked to be more specific on where the infraction came from.

There are 6 parts in the sidebar User CP.

Private Messages

  • Inbox
You can view and manage your incoming private messages here.

  • Sent Items
You can view and manage your outgoing private messages here.

  • Send New Message
You can send a new private message to a forumer of your choice.

  • Track Messages
While sending a new message, you can add the option of tracking it to see if the other person had read your PM.

  • Edit Folders
You can add folders to store your PMs in.

My Subscriptions

  • Subscriptions
You can view the threads that you have subscribed to.

  • Edit Folders
You can add folders to store your subscribed threads in.

Your Profile

  • Edit your details
In this section, you can change your date of birth, set your homepage URL, set your instant messaging info, and add any additional information.

  • Edit Profile Picture
This is a picture that will show up on your profile. Please note, your profile picture is not like your avatar. Your avatar will show up on each post that you make whereas, your profile picture won't and is sorely for your profile only.

  • Edit Avatar
Upload a avatar that will be shown on your posts. Please note, you can have a maximum of 100 x 100 size and 19.5kb size of an avatar. You also have the option to not have a avatar.

  • Edit Signature
You can add a signature, which is basically the little plot of pixels that will be after your post. Please note, regular members can only have a maximum of 200 characters, and 4 lines in their signature. You are not allowed to use BBCode in your signature expect from image BBCode.

  • Profile Privacy
You can set your privacy, such as who can view your profile, or who can see your visitor messages. You can limit it to Registered Users, Your Contacts or Your Friends.

My Account

  • General Settings
In this section, you see the general settings regarding privacy, messaging, notification and many more. This section is very useful as you will be able to see many of the settings and it offers a better insight in how you can control your forum account.

  • Edit Ignore List
You can add people that you would like to ignore on this list.


  • Friends & Contact
In this section, you will be able to view your friends, and be able to manage your friends list. Therefore, giving you the tools to add or to delete friends of your friends list.


  • Attachments
In this section, you will be able to manage your attachments that you have uploaded.

That is the end of this section

[1.3] Private Messages

Private messages are an alternate way of conversing and contacting another member. Creating private messages aren’t that hard, and they can always help in communicating with each other.

How to send a PM:

  1. Click here.
  2. Insert the Recipient’s username(s).
  3. Enter a Title.
  4. Enter a message.
  5. You can choose to Submit the message, or to Preview it.
  6. You can view your previous private messages in "Sent Items".

That is the end of this section

[1.4] Public Profile

Your public profile is a profile that members will get to see when they click on your name. It is basically your page for the world to see. Here is an example of an public profile:

In the image above, you can see:

  • Forumer’s name
  • Online/Offline
  • Forumer’s rank
  • Send Message
  • Last Activity
  • Mini stats (DoB, Join date, Total Posts)
  • Friends
  • Group Memberships
  • Recent Visitors
  • Visitor Messages

There are also tabs in which you can pull up information and statistics about the forumer.

That is the end of this section

[1.5] Stickies

Stickies (otherwise known as pins) are basically threads that the moderators and staff members think is helpful to the well being of the community. Also, these threads are considered worth reading, and send a mature, but thorough message to other forum members.

Some examples of threads that have been stickied:

CrossFire Official Staff Members:

Posts/Threads featuring content from another version:

The Guides of CrossFire. V4:

If you want to get a sticky, you should post good threads and follow the forum rules. If a staff members thinks it's worthy then they will sticky the thread.

That is the end of this section


  • Abel95Abel95 Grand Duke
    [1.6] How to post?

    To create a thread, you must click the "Post New Thread" button.


    In order for you to make a thread, you must first click on this button. This will lead you to a new image where you can enter the thread title along with the main message. This can be in a form of text and/or pictures that the community will read and see. You can preview your thread to see the outcome before submitting it to the public. Once your thread is submitted, you be directed to your thread.

    There are 4 ways in which you can reply to a thread:

    1. Post Reply


    This brings you to a screen similar to the “New thread” page, but you do not have to input a title.

    2. Quote


    You can quote a forumer on what he/she has said and put it in the “Post reply” page.

    3. Multi Quote


    Same as the “Quote” option, but you can quote multiple posts.

    4. Quick Reply


    You can post quickly, and not have to go to another page, more efficient for posting quickly.

    As a registered user you can go to a forum on a board where you have permission to view threads and leave replies. To reply you have a few options. You can click on the 'Post Reply' button and add a new post to the end of the thread. Alternatively, you can leave a quick reply in a quick editor box listed below the posts in the thread. When using 'Quick Reply' you can choose to quote a particular post if you are replying to something someone wrote. You may need to click the quick reply button in a post to activate the quick reply box before you can type into it. If you want to post replies to multiple posts you can select them by clicking the multi quote button. This button will change to indicate that you've selected it. Clicking post reply will then bring you to the full editor with all the posts quoted.

    That is the end of this section

    [1.7] Polls

    Polls are a rather quaint section of this forum. Quaint meaning you do not see them much. A poll is much like a census; it asks your opinion and asks for you to “vote” on an option. There is not much to write about a poll as it is self explanatory. Currently, only forumers with the rank of moderator and up can create polls, to lower spam and needless bandwidth waste on forums.

    Here is an example of an active open poll:

    Occasionally, a moderator or a staff member will set a date that you will not be able to vote any longer. This is to make sure nobody cheats and votes after the date the census is set to end.

    Here is an example of a closed poll:

    That is the end of this section

    [1.8] Closed threads

    Closed threads are basically threads that have been locked by a staff member or an moderator, therefore a regular forumer as you and I cannot post further on that thread. The option of closing a thread is exclusive to staff members and moderators. A thread may be closed based on if the thread is no longer relevant, needed or if it violates the forum rules. Please refer to 2.3 for a list of rules. However, the OP (Original Poster) can request a close on one of their threads if they wish to no longer keep it open to the public for whatever reasons. Some threads are closed upon creation (Example) and these threads are normally announcements by the staff members of Z8Games. This is usually because they would like to keep it as a no reply situation, or because they see that no reply is needed.

    Your thread WILL be closed if:

    • Your thread breaches the rules (for example, spam).
    • Flame bait (also known as feeding the troll).
    • Talking of other versions of Cross Fire (or any other game, for that matter).
    • Thread gets out of hand and flame wars start.
    • Hackusation thread (accuses another player of hacking or cheating).
    • Threads that insult / call out other players.
    • Threads that insult / question Z8Games’ work ethics.
    • Threads that are off topic to the forum.
    • Duplicated threads.
    • Threads that contain advertisements for anything that isn’t related to CrossFire, EXCLUDING THE ADVERTISEMENTS OF HACKING.

    Here is an example of how a thread may get closed:

    can someone bann this guy i cant send the replay
    he's name is "X"
    he use ha/cks and its rasict.

    thats the replay: CFReplay20100816_0000

    The reason why this thread will get closed is because the player is breaking the forum rules by hackustion and calling an specific player out. There is no need to make a new thread about it, just simply fill out a hacking report form and send it to Support. Support will began a investigation and if the player is found guilty, will be permanently banned.

    When your thread gets closed, you may suffer an infraction, or a warning so make sure you try to avoid getting your thread closed by following the forum rules.

    When your thread is closed, this button goes over the "Post Reply" button:


    That is the end of this section

    [1.9] BBCodes

    Using and knowing BBCodes is important when posting an post on this forums. Sometimes, it can get things done quicker and might be more efficient than using the visual editor. For example:
    [ b]Insert Text Here[/b] with no space in between the “[“ and “b”
    Results: [B]Insert Text Here[/B].

    If you do not wish to type the code out, simply push the tag button at the top of the posting reply box and it will post the tags for you and all you need to do is the rest.

    So let us begin!

    • Font Color
    • Font Size
    • Bold/Italics/Underlining
    • Centering / Moving Right / Moving Left Text
    • Links/URLS
    • Images
    • Lists
    • Code Box

    Font Color

    Font Colour is fun to use and lets you see things in a different color when posting and helps give a more creative feel to the post. It is also a good way to point something out. There are a couple of ways to do this.

    The easiest way to do it with bb code is the following example; using the color's name.


    The other way is using the color codes instead of color names. So if you know the code of a certain color, instead of inserting the color name, you put the color code with #before it.

    So It would look like this:


    If a color or code is not recognized the forum will usually automatically change your text to the default color of the forums.

    Looking for colors? Check here or here.

    Font Size

    To change your font you simply put the number of the size.



    This is fairly simple. To do thisust put the first letter of whatever you want to your text in the code.

    [noparse]Bold = [b]Text[/b] 
    Italic= [i]Text[/i]
    Underline= [u]Text[/u][/noparse]
    Example Example Example

    You can also use more then one code at once, such as:

    [noparse] [b][u][i]Text[/b][/u][/i][/noparse]



    This is very easy. Just put the word of what you want to do to the text in the brackets with the text between the start and end code.

    [noparse][right]Text[/right] [center]Text[/center] [left]Text[/left] [/noparse]

    Links and URLS

    Simply putting a URL will make it turn into a link, but you can do more with links.


    Now another way so you can make a link, but make the text whatever you want, and the clicking the words bring you to the link you had put in the bb code.

    [noparse][url=]Z8GAMES[/url] [/noparse]

    Normal and Clickable Images

    This is a big one on many forums, people love posting images, as long as they are clean and appropriate.

    So it'd look like this:


    If you are looking for some free image hosting sites, check sites such as: Imgur, Tinypic, or even ImageShack.

    Now to combine the link with the picture you do the second way of linking that you learned in the section above.


    The above image is clickable. If you want the link directly to an image, right click it and choose "Copy Image URL".


    The list code does exactly what it's name suggests, puts a list of items in bulleted list.

    [*]Item One
    [*]Item Two
    [*]Item Three
    • Item One
    • Item Two
    • Item Three

    The Code Box

    You probably noticed throughout this guide I was able to put the codes without them activating. This is because they were using another bb code which I'll add later called noparse. However they were also in a code box. Now, on some forums when codes are typed in a code box they do not activate, meaning you can show someone how to use a certain code without having to add a character, such as a space, and then having to tell them to take it out when they use it. As that just confused the new learner more than is needed. A code box is a good wake to put a really long bit of information or something else without making the thread excessively long forcing people to scroll down if it is not important.


    Alternatively, you can check out the forum’s FAQ, which has a guide as well:

    That is the end of this section
  • Abel95Abel95 Grand Duke
    [2.0] Usernames

    Usernames are very important. If Z8Games’ forum was an anonymous forum, nobody would be able recognize who was who. Usernames are self explanatory, but here is some information:

    Currently, a player can have a minimum of 3 characters, and a maximum of 12 characters. The only symbols one can have in their name are a maximum of 3 underscores (_) that cannot be at the beginning, or end of your username. You can't change your username once it has been set.

    Usernames shouldn't break any forum rules and if they do, the staff at Z8Games will be force to change your Username to an random one or your account could face a ban. Here is a example of a good username:

    This is a good example of an username, it uses capital letters along with numbers which adds strength to the username so it be harder for hackers to guess your username.

    That is the end of this section

    [2.1] Staff Members

    Game Masters (Also known as "GMs") are the people who look after the game and are getting paid to do so. They are here enforce the game's rules and provide general customer service to the players of the game. You can mostly see them in the Announcement section of the forums however, they intend to pop up everywhere on the forums and not just one place. They oversee how the board is styled, what forums to create and how to organize them, what information to require from members and who to appoint as moderators.

    Moderators (Also known as "MODs") are community members who volunteer to moderate the forums and support GMs in-game. They generally have the ability to edit and delete posts, move threads, and perform other actions. Becoming a moderator for a specific forum is usually rewarded to users who are particularly helpful and knowledgeable in the subject of the forum they are moderating. MODs have the responsibility to help with in-game questions or inquires, monitor the servers for hackers/glitches, report players for rule breaking and to report any suspicious activity at anytime.

    The current staff are:

    CrossFire Game Masters:
    [GM]Kanadian (
    [GM]Effects (
    [GM]Grumpy (
    [GM]Juicebox (
    [GM]Lasagnya (
    [GM]Hoon (
    [GM]Celestine (
    [GM]Katfish (
    [GM]Sentai (

    CrossFire Moderators:

    [MOD]Simrock, [MOD]Vu, [MOD]Andrew, [MOD]Zzxq, [MOD]AznBankaii, [MOD]Jessy*_*, [MOD]Moe, [MOD]Abel, [MOD]WeiWei, [MOD]Bunni

    For more information about staff members, please click here!.

    That is the end of this section

    [2.2] The Rules

    The following is a list of all the current forum rules that must be followed by all members and visitors also the entire forum is governed by the Code of Conduct and the Terms and Conditions. Be sure to read them and follow them or appropriate actions will be taken. Repeated behaviour considered inappropriate by GMs, Administrators and/or Moderators may result in your account being suspended/banned from our forums and even games, warning may be sent for smaller offences before any actions are taken but not guaranteed. Please be sure to also follow all specific games forum rules since those are in addition to these rules and must be respected.
    • Privacy/ Harassment
    Never post anyone else’s personal information on the forum without their consent and be sure to not bother them via forum posts, PMs, or any other form of communication on anything by Z8Games or you will be dealt with severely.
    • Forum Signatures/Avatars
    Keep your signature/Avatar clean, no profanity, racial material, nudity, extreme violence, sexual content, or links to any other site that contains any of these things. Also keep your signature area to a size no larger than 500 pixels length and 150 pixels height total (This includes all images and text you use).
    • English Only
    All forum posts and PM’s to GMs, Admins, and Mods must be written in English at all times. Threads not following these rules will be removed and appropriate actions will be taken against the user.
    • Use of CAPS
    Excessive use of capitals in messages is inappropriate. On the internet, caps signifies shouting. Be polite, no one likes to be yelled at, so keep your caps lock off. Threads with all caps will be removed.
    • Spamming
    Spamming should never be done under any circumstances! Do not reply to spam in anyway shape or form or you yourself may be blacklisted or worse. If you see any posts that have degraded to spam wars or have any other infraction in them please let a forum moderator know and they will take the appropriate steps. Users who spam may be banned from the forum and/or games.
    • Bans
    Bans will not be discussed openly on the forums! If you have any concerns about a ban please contact customer support or PM your games GMs for more information. Any threads created for this purpose will be deleted or locked.
    • Old Thread Revival
    Please avoid reviving threads that are weeks and months old. We will either delete your new messages and lock the thread or remove the whole topic altogether. Repeated Necromancy of old threads may result in a suspension from the game/forums because this will be considered as abusive use of the forums.
    • Thread Locked/Removal Discussion
    Discussing a locked or removed thread is forbidden and any posts found in regards to this will be removed. These threads were adjusted for a reason. If you have a problem with a thread that was removed, send a private message to a GM or email Customer Support.
    • Advertising of other services/websites
    Do not advertise other sites or services on these forums. Threads consisting of advertisements for sites/services will be removed.
    • Staff, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Harassment
    All members of our community are expected to respect all staff at Z8Games at all times. This includes Moderators who are here to help us better serve the community. Moderators may still appear as moderators on forums they were not assigned to, so please respect them as any other player and know which are the proper moderators to contact on your own games forum.
    • Understand Your Game's Policy
    Every game has its own policy and each game's forums are also moderated slightly different from each other depending on the way that game is run and its ESRB rating. Before you decide to try a new game or post on that game's forum, please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions for that game. A link to the Terms and Conditions for each game can be found at the bottom of each game's website and each forums rules can be found in their announcement section.

    What to do if you encounter Spam?
    • If you feel a topic is in need of immediate attention report it to multiple Moderators.
    • If you encounter a spam topic, please report it via the Z8Games Support Centre.
    • Do not reply to spam.

    Helpful tips on posting to a forum:
    • Use a spell checker to check your posts for misspellings (please search for info on how to enable that feature on your browser). There's no point in making a forum topic if we can't understand it because of multiple spelling errors.
    • Don't use stupid abbreviations. (Example: Your = ur, You = u, Are = r, I = EYE, one = 1)
    • Use the Search Feature which can be find on the top right side of the forums!
    • Always check the stickies, they contain useful information and can likely answer most questions.

    Please click here to find the full list of rules on this forums.

    That is the end of this section

    [2.3] Infractions / Warnings

    Infractions are basically points that are consequently added to your account when you fail to follow the rules.

    Infractions count as points and they can result in bans if you get enough of them. Any staff member can give out infractions and they will send you a Private Message about it. There can be tons of reasons for getting an infraction. Infraction Levels, Reasons, and Details can be found here ( Some are:
    • Insulting other forumers.
    • Spam Post.
    • Flame.
    • Advertising (hacks, hacking website, other game, etc.).
    • Insulting staff member.
    • Necro post (posting in a dead / old topic to “revive” it from the forum).
    • and much more!

    A warning is the derivative of an infraction, except that it does not count as a point. One should consider themselves lucky to have gotten a warning. As before, any staff member can give out a warning, and a Private Message will be sent about it. Warnings will be given out for the same reasons as above:
    • Insulting other forumers.
    • Spam Post.
    • Flame.
    • Advertising (hacks, hacking website, other game, etc.).
    • Insulting staff member.
    • Necro post (posting in a dead / old topic to “revive” it from the forum).
    • and much more!

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    [2.4] Bans

    Bans are the final and last resort of consequence. When your account is in the state of being banned, you cannot access the forum on that account, therefore losing any privileges, such as posting threads, or viewing them in that matter. When your account is banned, it is most likely because you were infracted one too many times, or you have done something extremely severe that could have provoked a staff member to give you a straight ban (such as:

    Breaking any rule puts you under the risk of an infraction, which may lead to a ban. Some bans may be temporary, depending on your offense. A lot of players may be banned because they have decided to be trolls and hurt or break the flow of peace in the server. Any staff member may give out a ban.

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    [2.5] Forum ranks

    Forum Ranks are something special which normal members can gain by posting useful threads or posts. The forum ranks are:

    Beginner - 0 posts
    Squire - 30 posts
    Apprentice - 100 posts
    Worthy - 200 posts
    Knight-Errant - 350 posts
    Knight - 500 posts
    Holy Knight - 750 posts
    Baron - 1000 posts
    Holy Mage - 1400 posts
    Viscount - 1800 posts
    Earl - 2200 post
    Count - 2800 posts
    Margrave - 3400 posts
    Marquis - 4000 posts
    Royal Vizier - 5000 posts
    Royal Heir - 6000 posts
    Duke - 7200 posts
    Grand Duke - 8400 posts
    Archduke - 10000 posts
    King - 12000 posts
    Emperor - 14000 posts

    This list will be updated as our post counts go up.

    That is the end of this section

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