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Kinda fed up how many time I have to log off and log back in, cuz cf.exe won't even turn off.

I already tried what TheShadowRo suggested over: but it isn't working.

I'll just list what I have and what I have been running:

i7 7700k
GTX 1070

While playing I was running, Discord, Spotify, Razer Syn and Steam.

Oh I'm using wins 10 Pro, if that even matter.

Pretty sure its nothing of my end, it's either the game need a update or one of the server file is corrupted.


  • Abel95Abel95 Grand Duke
    Close down any background programs that you have running. E.g. Spotify, Razer Syn and Discord if your not using it.
  • abel95 wrote: »
    Close down any background programs that you have running. E.g. Spotify, Razer Syn and Discord if your not using it.

    Same thing, but I found a temp fix, run patcher_cf instead the normal Crossfire.exe.
  • rajub80rajub80 Beginner
    Same Error: I am on Windows 10; Direct X 12; GT550M

    do you want to send report.

    Tried below but no use.

    1. I have tried running patcher_cf too but didn't work.
    2. All compatibility matrix xp sp3, vista, 7 and 8 didnt work.
    3. download setup file, change compatibility settings to 7 and install.. didnt work
    4. Install as admin user.. then run directly/ with compatibility matrix didnt work
    5. install as admin or normal user and add files to exception list in antivirus. didnt work
    6. install as admin/ normal user and change compatibility to 7 for all files didnt work.
    7. Followed instruction to remove .dat files didnt work.
    8. Multiple time downloads and game installs and ccleanups each time didnt work.
    9. Finally Windows 10 Reset to Anniversary version and try all of them again didnt work.
    10. revert to old nvidea drivers didnt work.

    I didnt even remember few more things I have tried.. So my assumption is.. there is a recent change in the patch files etc and they forgot to consider this fact and uploaded on the server, hence throwing this exception.

    Logged a ticket with Support but no reply yet (2 days). I think they will confirm as this issue exist since 2016 as per the forum.

    Just want to Save others time with this info. Thx.
  • rajub80rajub80 Beginner

    Got the solution for the problem from support team.

    We just have to change the resolution in the game. Whenever I start the game it keep on recommending 1366 x 760 something... I have changed the screen setting etc etc but didnt work... But we have to change the resolution within the game from "Options" feature. Match the windows recommended settings and it works!!!!!!!!
  • when i log in to crossfire it says fail to connect to server and then it gets off. How am i suppose to fix it?
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