How to Keep your Account Secure

How to Keep Your Account Secure - Ultimate Guide

This guide will teach you on how to keep your account secure at all times, this strengths your chances from not having your account stolen and if you do, you'll have a lot better chance of receiving your account back.

Table of Contents -

1. Passwords and Previous Passwords.
2. Email Address and Previous Email Addresses.
3. Billing Information.
4. Security Question(s) and Account Creation Date.
5. Account Creation Date Information.
6.Storing and Making Copies of the Information.
7. In-case of Being Hacked.

Before I begin I would like to say DO NOT store your account information in a text document on your computer, this is just a pre-caution as if you get hacked, the hacker may be able to gain access into the files and then find all your information, therefore being able to get your account and secure it.

1. Passwords and Previous Passwords.

It is very important to know your current password, as you will need to know to login of course, however it is also very good to know previous passwords as this could count to a piece of information if you get your account stolen. Stuff to note down is the first ever password you made, (if you can remember it, it is great), do not write it in a text procurement as a pre-cation, refer to the statement above. When storing information, I suggest you go out to your local shop/supermarket or anywhere what sells note pads and pens, which a lot of households have anyway, and get one of each. This costs money of course but as little as £0.50 p ($1). (In this case I will be referring to a "notepad" however you don't need to, you could use a regular piece of paper).

Once you have your notepad write down your current and previous passwords if you remember them of course, in any page of the notepad, once done so store the notepad in a memorable place, for example in a box under your bed. (If you want rip the page out after it so no body can scribble over the page and see the out lining of the details [for example family members])

·Changing Passwords and How Often you Should.
· You should change passwords ever 2-3 months, this will be to change the security around and maximize the potential of your account not being comprimized, also write it down in your note pad!
· Also you should NEVER have simple passwords such as the town you live, a persons name, keep it to something only you will know, or go online and Google "Random number and letter generator" and use them, remember to write it down so you don't forget it.

2. Email Address and Previous Email Addresses.

It is very important to know your current registered Email address, as you will need to know to change your password, it is also very good to know previous email addresses as this could count to a piece of valid information if you account ever gets stolen. With your current registered email and previous registered ones it is good to write the information down in your notepad which you should have by now.

When changing Email Addresses it is good to put in valid information when creating accounts, and when it comes to the security do not use easily guessed passwords or the SAME as your Z8Games account password. When it comes to the alt. email so you can secure it, don't chose that option, go ahead and do several security questions instead, also don't have the same question/answer as your Z8Games account S/A.

You don't have to change your Email address often, but when there it is needed you need to have your security question and answer. (Refer below.) Also make sure that your Email address don't fill up with spam, make sure you login every few days and delete any un-wanted and spam Emails.

3. Billing Information.

This is also very important when keeping your account secure. If your account is ever stolen you will be asked for two valid pieces of infromation, with the Billing Information when you make a purchase you will be Emailed with a "transaction ID" this is the important part of the Email and you will want to keep this very secure, you should write everyone of these down after a purchase. If your account is ever comprimised you'll be asked to have your two most recent transaction ID's, and if there is any problem with your Email/Email provider this is why you write it down.

After every purchase you will be given a transaction ID, use a valid Email address when it is asked so it is sent, also I would suggest that you use a different Email address to the one you have registered with your Z8Games account, just as a pre-caution, if your Email is gained access to.

4. Security Questions and Account Creation Date

The Security Question and Answer is one of the most important information connected to your account, this is because if you ever forget your registered email/want to change your email you will need your security question to do so, and if you don't have your email you can not change your password, therefore I think that the security question is one of the most important pieces of imformation connected to your account.

Once again, take your pen and write it down in your notepad, make sure you have wrote this clearly and make several copies and put them in different places, for example one in the box under your bed and one if your personal safe. (A safe seems to extreme, but to a lot of people they have spent a lot of money on their account and it means a lot to them.)

You can always see your security information by sending a support ticket asking them for it, with the valid information. You can send a support ticket by clicking here. Now you are there, go to "Game Related" and chose "Account" then the "Category" is "Account Administration" once there click on the "Security Answer" box and fill in the forum and you will be messaged back if succesful enough or if they need more information.

Apparently you can change your Security Question by sending Support a ticket.

5. Account Creation Date Information.

When finding your account creation date, these are some little tips what could help you doing so. I will color code them. Red = Hardest to do so - Green = Easiest to do so.

· Try to find the registering confirmation e-mail you received when you registered with your account, this could be very hard to find if you have had your account for many years, and by then your email might of been filled with "spam" and/or you may of changed emails.
· Click on "Forgot ID/Password" write in your Z8Games account registered mail and check the and then check the Email, you should be sent the creation date. (Not sure if still works.)
· Go to your profile via Z8Games > Clan > My Profile. Once at your profile go to "Logs", then click "GP Log" and then go to the last page (could take a long time if you've bought a lot of GP crates + GP weapons). Once at your last page it will say "Bought "a character" for me it says "Bought SAS", then to the left of it will say the day you bought it, and that should give you day when you logged on and bought the character, the only problem with this is that if you didn't login on the same day and buy a character it wont work.

An image of me doing so - for my accounts safety I blocked out the day and month.


6. Storing and Making Copies of the Information.

Once you've completed all the steps you should have a side of A4 paper all wrote in, if you have reasonably sided handwriting, you should keep this safe, for example in a old shoe box or in a plastic tub, store it away somewhere safe and never really go to, for example under your bed or in a cupboard.

When you update your account details (excl. billing information, just add that on), even if it is changing a password you should re-write the whole information sheet and add it to the container or wherever you are storing your information. Do NOT throw away your old account information sheet, you may need this for future reference!

7. In-case of Being Hacked.

Ever been searching through YouTube for awesome Cross Fire clips and spending hours upon hours watching them and you then see a ZP hack? You then go on a download this "ZP Hack" and ooops, oh noes! You anti-virus isn't up to date. You think this isn't a problem, write your name and password into the slot and generate your billions of ZP! You go to login but oh wait, your password is incorrect, your heart rate jumps up, you type your password in slowly this time, one key by a time, your account is gone.

If this every happens, or if you ever get a virus you will need to scan your PC as soon as possible. Malwarebytes is a free anti-virus and is amazing, you can even upgrade for it to a lot better! Malwarebytes | Anti-Virus Website

When recovering your account you should follow "Hi" guide to doing so - theHI's guide "How to get your account back if it's been stolen!"

Also look out for many phishing sites/groups, there is currently a high amount of people using Face Book groups to get peoples accounts, they claim to be "Cross Fire Database" handing out free items/guns. If you find one of their pages, please report straight away to the Support Team. They are never legit, they first try to get your login name, then they ask for the guns you would like and then ask you for your password and other details.

TL;DR this is clearly not the thread for you.

Anyway thanks guys for reading and I hope this guide has helped some of you guys. I made this from experience and this is what I do when I create new accounts, if I help 10 out of every 1000 which view this, I will be happy. Also I am pretty sure there is no other threads out there which explains this. I am also sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors, even though English is my first language I am not the best at it.

Thanks, this took a long time to write and think about, it'd be great if you left me some feedback. :)


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