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  • Is it still goIn?
  • looking for a team to play cfcl with
    im having a lot of time right now because i just finished school and dont have to work until november
    can follow strats, hold spots, give calls etc
    actually im a rifler but awping works for me as well
    IGN: madness]
    pm me if interested or join this ts:
  • FE3LFE3L Beginner

    IM RIFFLE (ak/m4)
    looking for decent team :3
    i go out of the other team because the team captain is a children
  • B0ng.

    IM RIFFLE (ak/m4)
    looking for decent team :3
    i go out of the other team because the team captain is a children

    B0NG. in game name
  • Looking for a UK Team to join

    IGN: [W]afik
    email me:
  • Hey,
    im looking for a team to play clanwars with or even play a bit competitive.
    Im 18 years old and my english is fluent.
    My ign is : Kinganarchy9
    feel free to add me.
  • Just come back to Crossfire after a good couple of years break. My old ingame name was felli. Noone probably remembers me but hey. :'D

    I'm from the uk. I'm 24, looking for a team. Chill or comp, i don't mind, i'm easy either way. ^-^
  • I am looking for a team.I play Crossfire 3 years mostly EU but now i start to play NA.......i want a team to join at account at EU:Realyyze. my account at NA:FR4G- dont look my KD a friend gave me this acc.....i am 17years me:
  • Picking up any competitive players, EGL and CFCL team hop on Teamspeak if you fancy a scrim with us.
  • Herrow, TeamNJ recruiting, and looking for good players with some skills in UK servers "Awpers n' rifleres "

    Our roster " MaDz, Zekky, RealJGK, and Canuck " myself " 3 British players and a Canadian " myself "

    Message me if u up for it.

    Ign " NJ]-Canuck.
  • my ign May. im looking for team
  • im from uk my ign May. i need team
  • LFT!!! ign: handy.
    Hello, I'm looking for decent eu team. Active. esl page nickname: skotskej
    Pm me in game, esl site or here if you are interested. Thanks.
  • Literally, if any of you are looking for strictly UK/EU Teams just go to UK 3 Channel 8 and do some scrims, just ring for people who need it and if you're decent you'll get picked up quickly - trust me.
  • I like zp
  • acccfacccf Beginner
    i'm not really looking for a team.

    i'm looking for people i can scrim with
    I'm tired of public and these ranked **** full of cheaters.

    so you play on UK servers and can speak english, i would be thankfull if you would message me ;)
  • rageGATE is looking for 3 players - 1 strat caller, 1 sniper, 1 rifle. Message EveryX/LelsoX in-game
  • Looking For Team, Portuguese, but living in UK, my english is pretty good, i have experience, i used to play in the past, and now im trying to comeback. IGN: AIMLESSaRn
  • Still looking for a esl/competetive team,
    18 years, Poland.
    I know english and a bit deutsch
    IGN: swiftieGOD

    Only good proposition, former semi pro player CS:GO.
  • A team that is based in Egypt is recruiting 3 player " riflers and awper "
    The team is going serious. CFCL Elite is our target. So if you being serious about CF, have good command of English, and also +21 is a must. You're welcome. More details dm in game " Joko " I'll send you my discord.
  • can i join?
    ive been play cf for 10 years and i just came back recently. and im realy looking for a team to play some scrims :)
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