[CFCL] Behavioural Rules & Regulations

Attention Mercenaries,

When we created CFCL, we wanted to give back to the community and allow the the opportunity to have an ongoing competitive league for CFNA that will only keep growing with your help.

Now it is not a secret that previously, the community mood was more leaning towards toxicity. While it can be understood because there were no options available, it is also not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

CFCL has rules, they are simple and most of them were there for a very long times before. If you would like to play in CFCL, you will have to follow those rules. Moreover, in case of any disputes, GMs will review the situation and decide, again based on the rules.

This is a very clear message to all competitive players in CrossFire. Toxicity will not be tolerated, no matter who you or your team are! Any misbehaviour regarding the league, other players, or admins will be met with strict and very fast actions.

To make this more clear and simple, we would rather start fresh with all new and amateur teams, rather than having toxic professional teams that will only repel other users from joining/enjoying the competitions.

CrossFire Team
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