Auto Tournament Guide - August 13th 2014

Table of Contents
1)Hosting a tournament
2)Participating in a tournament
3)Extra Tools

So you want to show that you're the very best, like no one ever was, eh? Well lucky for you CrossFire has just introduced it's very own Auto-Tournament system, which will help assist you in that endeavour.
The Tournament Lobby

The What?!?
The Auto-Tournament system is a brand new tool available to all CrossFire players to allow them to create and manage their very own tournaments.

To access the Auto-Tournament System, simply click on the newly added Tournament button in the upper right navigation area on the CrossFire client.
The Navigation Bar

This will bring you to the Tournament Lobby, where you will be able to see all currently hosted Tournaments as well as host your own.

Check out the subjects below to get a look at the functions available.

If you have any questions regarding the Auto-Tournament system then ask away.


  • [GM]Castiel[GM]Castiel Knight-Errant

    Hosting a tournament requires several steps to set up. These steps allow you to change many of the aspects of the tournament and give you a good deal of control over your tournament. To begin, you will need to click on the Host Tournament button available at the Tournament Lobby.
    The Host Button
    Step 1: Setting the scale of the Tournament

    The first step is to select how many teams can participate in the tournament. Currently, it is only possible to host a tournament for 2 teams, 4 teams, or 8 teams. Each option requires a different Hosting Permission Ticket. You can purchase them at the Tournament Creation screen or from the items shop.
    The Tournament Scale Screen

    • A 2 Team Tournament Hosting Ticket costs 700 GP
    • A 4 Team Tournament Hosting Ticket costs 2100 GP
    • A 8 Team Tournament Hosting Ticket costs 9800 GP

    The amount of tickets you have will appear on the Tournament Creation Screen beneath each Tournament Bracket size.

    Step 2: Detailing the Tournament

    Once you've decided the size of your tournament you will be brought to the details screen. Here you can select the map and Game Type, Description, whether or not observers are allowed and what the password to the tournament will be.
    The Details Screen

    Notes about the Details Screen:
    • The name of the tournament will be generated from a list of pre-set names.
    • You will need to fill out the Description field before you can proceed to the next step.
    • Currently, Search and Destroy is the only game type available for the tournament system.
    • Descriptions for the Tournament have a 200 character limit. Passwords are 4 characters.

    Step 3: Setting the Date and Time of the Tournament

    Once you've decided the details you will be brought to the scheduling screen. Here you can select whether you want your tournament to start and conclude in one day, or if it will continue for multiple days.
    The Scheduling Screen
    • Selecting One Day will have your tournament start on the day and time you select. Following rounds will take place an hour after the previous round. (ex. Tournament starts at 3:00 PM, Semi Finals occur at 4:00 PM and Finals occur at 5:00 PM).
    The One Day Setting

    • Selecting Daily will have the tournament start on the day and time you select. Following rounds will take place the next day at the same time. (ex. Tournament starts at 3:00 PM on Friday, Semi Finals occur at 3:00 PM on Saturday, and the Finals occur at 3:00 PM on Sunday)
    The Daily Setting

    Once you have selected whether to use the One Day or Daily settings, the next steps is to select the Day and Time for the tournament to start.

    You can either use the drop down lists at the top of the window to select the day and time or you can click on the boxes below the lists. For these boxes the dates for the tournament will be lists up and down the left side, while the times are listed left and right at the top of the boxes.

    Notes about the scheduling system:
    • You cannot schedule a tournament less that 1 hour ahead of time.
    • The scheduling systems only allow scheduling within the upcoming 7 days. You can't schedule a tournament any farther in the future.
    • If you are participating in a tournament you will not be able to host a tournament that overlaps with that time.

    Step 4: Prizes for the Tournament

    Once you have selected the Date and Time for the Tournament you will have a chance to set some prizes for both the winning and 2nd place teams.
    The Prize Selection Screen

    NOTE: Currently there are no prize packages available to give. Any prizes given out are the host's own prizes and must be purchased from the shop.

    To set a prize for a team, first you must select the team who will receive the prize (ie. First or Second Place) then click one of the extra buttons. Once you click the extra button you will be brought to either the storage or item shop screens to select a prize.

    Please note that any prizes you choose to purchase will require you to purchase 5 of so that all members of the team can get one. If you have less than 5 prizes then you will be required to purchase the remaining amount to bring you to 5.


    Step 5: Confirming the Tournament Details

    Once you have settled on your prizes and clicked Next you will be brought to the confirmation screen.
    The Confirmation Screen

    At the confirmation screen you will be able to see all the details you selected for your tournament to ensure that everything is to your liking. If you wish to make any changes you will need to click the cancel button and begin the process again.

    If your happy with everything, then the only thing left to do is click the OK button. Once you click OK your tournament will be created and will be open for registration.

    Please Note: once you have clicked okay, you will not be able to change the game type or map. These will remain locked as soon as the OK button is clicked. You will still be able to change the password, or allow or disallow spectators however.

    Final notes about Hosting a Tournament:
    • You will be free to change the spectator setting, password, and description of your tournament after it has been set, but only until 15 minutes before the tournament starts. At this time the ladders for your tournament will be decided and released and you will not be able to make any more changes after this point.
    • Teams are freely available to register for your tournament; if your tournament has a password then they will need the password to register.
    • You can dismiss a team from your tournament any time before the ladder is released. However, in order to do so another team must be ready to take their place.
  • [GM]Castiel[GM]Castiel Knight-Errant

    Participating in a tournament, takes considerably less steps than hosting one. To start simply select the tournament you would like to join from the list on the Tournament Lobby and click Enter.

    Once you have entered the tournament you have selected; the next step will be to either join a currently existing team, or to create your very own team.
    • To join an already existing team simply click on that team's name from the lobby and then click Enter. Once you are in the team's room, click the Participate Button and voila, you are registered for that team.
    The Participate Button
    • If you want to create your own team, then click on the Team Creation button from the Team Lobby. Once the button is clicked you will be prompted for a name and password for your team. Only the name is necessary, the password is optional.
    The Team Creation Button

    The Team Creation Screen

    Once your team has been created you will need 4 other players to join your team before you will be officially be entered into the tournament. If you created a password for your team then they will need it in order to join you. If your team does not have the required 5 players by the time the tournament starts it will be disbanded.

    Once a team has been joined (or created) you will be brought to the Team room. You do not need to remain here for the tournament, you can leave and enjoy the rest of CrossFire until the match begins.
    The Team Room

    Important notes regarding Joining/Creating Teams
    • Team names must be unique
    • There are only a limited number of team slots available for a given tournament
    • You cannot join another team in the tournament if you are already on a team
    • Likewise, you cannot join a tournament that overlaps with any tournament you are already participating in.
    • You do not have to wait in the team room once you have participated in a team. When the tournament game room become open you will be notified. So enjoy other parts of CrossFire until then.
    • There are more team slots available to register than there are slots in the tournament. This is so that if one of the teams drops out the next available team will take that slot.
    • Game slots are filled on a first come first serve basis. As such when you create a team make sure your team members join A.S.A.P. To secure your team's slot.
    • Team leaders; if you have a member of your team who is trying to sabotage you you have the ability to kick them from the team between rounds. Simply right click their name and select kick.

    Proceeding Through the Tournament
    • Fifteen (15) minutes before the Tournament starts the system will generate the ladder and an announcement will go out to all registered players informing them of this. The ladder is randomly generated and cannot be changed.

    • Five (5) minutes before each match an announcement will go out to players informing them to prepare for combat. If players are not in a game at this time they will also receive a message box that will take them directly to the game room.

    • Make sure you show up early or on time! Once the game starts you won't be able to join your teammates at all so don’t be late.

    • Tournament matches are two rounds of the chosen game type with a winner being selected once they have a majority of the points or both rounds are completed.

    • Once the victor of the match is decided, the game will end and both teams will be brought to the ladder screen again. The victorious team will progress to the next round of the tournament while the losing team will be eliminated. Anyone on the victorious team who did not show will be kicked from the team. At this point another person may join to take their place.

    • Please note that anyone on the losing team will NOT be able to rejoin another team regardless of whether there is an opening or not.
  • [GM]Castiel[GM]Castiel Knight-Errant

    My Tournaments
    On the Tournament Lobby screen you will be able to see a button that says My Tournaments. Clicking this button will bring you to a screen that lets you keep track of all the tournaments you have created as well as all of the ones you are participating in.

    From here you can click on the go button beside each tournament to go directly to that tournament’s registration/ladder screen.

    Likewise clicking the go buttons in the Participated Tournament list will take you directly to the team room of the indicated team.

    Tournament Storage
    The Tournament System has its own storage set up so that prizes can be purchased and saved for later tournaments if needed. When a tournament is cancelled or if the prizes outnumber the number of participants then the remaining prizes will be transferred here for re-use in another tournament.

    To access the Tournament Storage you simply click Storage > Storage Tab > Tournament.

    Additionally any prizes in the tournament storage can be pulled out for the owners use if they so wish. To do so, simply click the Receive button on the item you wish to retrieve from the Tournament Storage. Please note that doing so will not allow you to use the item for a tournament in the future.

    Tournament Management Tools
    The Team Lobby for a tournament has some additional tools available to hosts. A host can change the settings of the tournament (minus match type or map) and can even cancel a tournament if the need to do so arises. They can also dismiss a team if the need arises and there is a team ready to take its place.

    Tournament Setting - This button will allow you to change the Description, Password and allow or disallow Spectators. While the match type and map can be reviewed here, you will not be able to change these settings.

    Tournament Cancel - Clicking this button will disband all teams currently registered and will remove your tournament from the server. All prizes registered for the tournament will be returned to your Tournament Storage.

    Dismiss - This button is used to dismiss a team from your tournament. Doing so can only be performed once an extra team is ready to take their place. You will need to select the team to dismiss before clicking this button.

    Tournament Instructions
    If you’re wondering how on Earth you’re going to remember all this information, then fret not. The Tournament Lobby also has a button which will open up a cliff notes version of this guide. So you can double check the information there if you need.
  • [GM]Castiel[GM]Castiel Knight-Errant

    This post reserved for an FAQ section as questions arise.
    'Starburst wrote:
    ;4065081']Is there a limit on how many tournament participation/creation per player?

    Yes. An account can only create 10 Tournaments at a time. Likewise you can only be registered to 10 accounts at any one time.
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    Great guide Castiel!

  • Is there a limit on how many tournament participation/creation per player?

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  • [GM]Castiel[GM]Castiel Knight-Errant
    @ Starburst] Excellent Question. Thank you for reminding me. You can only create 10 Tournaments per account. Likewise you can only sign up for 10 teams at the same time.
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    This post reserved for an FAQ section as questions arise.

    Yes. An account can only create 10 Tournaments at a time. Likewise you can only be registered to 10 accounts at any one time.
    Where are the tournament servers? uk alpha o what?
  • [GM]Castiel[GM]Castiel Knight-Errant
    @ dzoser Yes you can add Black Market crates as prizes. But remember that for whatever package you buy want to add, you will need to buy 5 of.

    So if you want to give out 10 crates as a prize you would actually be purchasing 50. So that all 5 team members get 10 crates each.

    And yes teams must be in groups of 5. At the moment there is no way to reduce this number.
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