"Don't take my gun noob!!1"

What do you think about that?
I agree that it's an easy way to test guns you might buy, but I often find myself complaining about ppl who were running after you till you die, just to pick up your weapon. At least they could give you some backup, but no they just wanna loot you, like a WoW high-end boss.

I think it's something we have to life with...

Some might say, "I bought it with my own money, so no1 schould be able to get it!"...
me as well.

Maybe they could make an option to turn off that they can pick up your weapons.
uhm no ... if it's not in the korean or japanese version, then i wont be in our's.

So what do you think about that?

My opinion is:
- Sometimes it's very annoying.
- And sometimes it could help teammates. Like they got an AWM and it's 1 on 1, and there lies an AK on the ground ... I don't really know.


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