FreePlayers Guide to a Full Setup v2.0



  • Best guide yet, thanks!
  • LightTrickLightTrick Apprentice
    Good guide, though it's still ironic how z8 implies such a strict child proof in the game chats yet you need a credit card to be "good" in the game. Get it together please.
  • oLOGICoLOGIC Margrave
    how is brad still getting posts on his threads
  • wow +1 nice job
  • Woa, Good Job. Helping many players out there
  • jordylordjordylord Apprentice
    great guide! if i just started i would defintly read it completly. but i am a lut already so not allot of thinks apply to me annymore. i wish i would be it doesn't sadly enough.

    Once again, Great guide
  • Good job
  • thanks dear ...
  • nuc3tnuc3t Beginner
    Thanks! very helpful to me!
  • Nice tips for begginers, good work ^^
  • ya

    good job
  • This no longer applies. There's no need to buy weapons anymore. You can keep a M4/AK/AWM of your choice and a Kukri through the FP Mall by just playing a little bit every day. I've bought a couple pistols and that's it. Still have 60K GP. I'm thinking of spending it on the Ghost Mode and Shadow Mode items for breath down and such.
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