nobody cares

where you went on a friday/saturday night. the pictures that you guys are posting of these "parties" that you attended clarify this for me:

1) you're all really bad looking compared to me

2) the parties are all laughable, i mean, i know my standards are high as **** and i've gone to private parties where you had to be flown in on a gulfstream jet to a private island, but really? the parties you kids attend is junior high status, i don't even know why you virgins feel the need to boast about them

3) the people that actually go to real good "parties" don't need to tell everybody in the community

4) i'm drinking a martini while typing this

please, just all stop. you all live pretty unappealing lives and play video games. i sometimes wonder why i even bother posting on this forum. you're all lucky to have an amazing human being such as me actually take some time out of his life to provide insight to a bunch of unaesthetic virgins who seem to think having a girlfriend is beneficial.


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