My account was stolen!

My account was stolen, the guy who stole exchanged e-mail account and password ... I only have the username and secret answer! I've tried to contact the Z8Games webform but all the tickets they closed that I created (I wrote in English) and yet they closed! not even helped me solve my problem ...

I have to recover my account? I have the login and answer it ...

My e-mail for contact: derik.13 @


  • KDuaneKDuane Holy Knight
    You gave it away, it was not stolen. Perhaps that is where the problem is? Z8 support doesn't really have the ability to fix stupid.
  • Do not quite understand WHAT you meant, but I'm more than five days trying to recover my account ... the thief changed the account information, the only information I have is the login name and secret answer!

    The e-mail password and the thief changed ...

    Please help me!
  • Help me! pls
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