Common suggestions, questions, and answers

Please DO link this thread if someone suggests something already here.

These are typical suggestions that get repeatedly asked, in no particular order. To preserve positive, unique suggestions nearest the top of the forums, repeats will be closed or sunk. I've added our answers where possible. Due to the increasing complexity and number of suggestions, this has been divided into several posts. This thread is reviewed and reposted in its entirety approximately once per month with additions and subtractions. Spot changes may occur at any time.

In regards to hacking/hackers:
  • We realize this is a key issue, and we are addressing the problem from a variety of angles.
  • All reports sent in are appreciated; generally, you will not receive a reply. We have frequently found when we do reply, players take this as a cue to dump excessive numbers of reports into our inboxes all at once, many of which end up being false positives. Please do not take a lack of response as anything other than par for the course.
  • We are regularly working on patches which combat the hacking problem. However, there is no one large bandage solution, so each patch is aimed at a different flavor of cheating. With a free to play game, ultimately there's little chance of completely eradicating hackers. That being said, our goal is to minimize the amount of impact they have upon the game.
  • IP banning is not a useful tool. We've utilized it and find that the number of ways to falsify or circumvent IPs makes this sort of banning inefficient, ineffective, and prone to catching innocent victims.
  • Not all players that are banned show up on our ban list; this can be due to a number of reasons: the way we use our internal tools, too many alternate accounts per hackers, and many more reasons. If someone you reported with decisive evidence is not on there do not worry, they are still banned. Buying ZP does not shield you from action.
  • We have had a lot of feedback on hackers/hack solutions, so generally these topics will be closed or removed. There's a number of established feedback topics on this already, please read them before adding to the conversation.

Suggestions are divided into the following headings:

  1. Increase the GP earned
    -Currently little will be changing; we have had patches which tweaked (raised/lowered for certain types of matches) amounts earned. These may or may not change in the future. We offer boost periods (bonus weekends, contests, etc) about once per month currently, as well as offering GP packages via the cash shop. There's a number of great guides on the forums on ways to earn GP; remember the better you are, the easier it is to make GP so don't get discouraged if at first it's only trickling in!
    1. OMG <other region> gets tons of GP!
      -In exchange for a minimal three GP weapons. They get tons of GP and have nothing to spend it on. That's not an improvement.
    2. More boosts at various ranks
      -We may elect to add later bonuses, but this is still in discussion with the developers. These would likely be at high ranks (12 or 15 and above).
    3. Remove/reduce repair costs
      -Short answer: Not happening.
    4. Lower costs for in-game items
      -The prices are at suitable levels; not everything is going to be handed, freely available, to the player. Those that work at it can earn enough for several guns.
    5. Make ZP only weapons available by GP
      -When items are launched they will frequently be via ZP; this is something we're in continually discussion about with the developers. Many of the items in our version are only cash-shop in other regions. There will be other methods to acquire these items (contests) and it isn't out of the question that they will eventually slide to GP, though when and what is not set in stone.
    6. When will the Black Market be GP?
      -Done. We will introduced more GP when possible.
  2. Can we trade GP for ZP?
    -This is not a function we expect to provide. ZP is a perk; by no means is it required to play the game, and it is definitely not needed to be good at the game.
  3. Gifting/Trading/Donating to other accounts (either cash shop or in-gamed items)
    -Is not something we intend to provide; this protects our assets and players from scams and fraudulent transactions. Some of our payment options offer methods to send funds to another person, but we are in no way responsible for any of these transactions and do not support them.
    1. Promo Codes, Awards, Rewards, and other alternatives to the words "Gifting/Trading"
      -Will not be available via Z8GAMES.
    2. Alternative Purchasers
      -We may open up the ability for non-clan leaders to purchase items for their clan; this is something we're still discussing and no final decision has been made.
    3. Subscription Servers
      -Currently not under consideration. Generally this idea stems from the thought that hackers don't buy Z8GAMES points. ZPOPs get busted for breaking the rules too.
    4. What!? There's a fee?!
      -There are a number of purchasing options that we at Z8GAMES do not support (they support us, an important distinction). This includes the Ultimate Game Card and gift VISAs/etc. Though these options remain freely available, they are not advertised on our site and we stress any user who wishes to use these options review the fees and costs of these items carefully! Z8GAMES is not responsible for third party fees stemming from any payment option.
  4. Make the Female Character Freely Available!
    -The female character is available via the cash shop currently
    1. But you said she'd be available in-game!
      -I did, and at the time that was the information the developers had passed to us; they later changed their minds. It was either this or not releases her at all, and this way at least she's available by some means.
    2. Why?
      -The female character in other regions is considered a "perk" and cash-shop exclusive; we disagree and feel she should be available to anyone who works hard enough to acquire her.
    3. That sucks
      -Trust me; it's frustrating for us too. We do assure there's continuing plans to offer the female character through alternative venues, so please keep watching for these alternative opportunities.
    4. Other characters including additional females or ethnicities
      -None planned, but you never know what the future may hold.


    1. In-Game Tools:
      1. Reporting Interface (sending reports, screens, replays in-game or another simplified system) [planned]
      2. Ping Displays ADDED
      3. Rooms by Ping
      4. Different colored text ADDED
      5. Saving replays mid-game or upon exiting early ADDED
        -This is something Z8GAMES will have to develop ourselves if we want it. It's definitely under consideration, but there's not a lot we can say on the topic currently. The more items we create and add in-game, the slower patches trickle down to us due to extended bug testing to ensure what we do doesn't conflict with what the developer has done.
        -At this point we're comfortable with the feedback we've received and most topics on these suggestions will be closed.

    2. Larger resolutions
      -Are under development; we're looking forward to more resolutions as time goes on. Windowed mode is now available. Yes, it full screens when you enter a game -- this is working as intended. Our first widescreen resolution of 1280x800 is currently available and 1440x900. Please note not all monitors support these particular resolutions; check our technical support forum for more details and troubleshooting.

    3. Kick System
      -Is in the process of being overhauled, but we have no firm ETA on when this will be done as we are asking the developers for a large number of changes all around. We are not asking for Host kicking discretion; we feel there's enough abuse as it is. At this point we have enough feedback there's not a lot of need for new topics and they will be closed; we know what players want to see in the new system. There will be more elaboration on this process and the new method once we get closer to releasing this.
      -The FFA kick mode (or lack thereof) will remain "as-is" for now. This will likely change in the future, but we have no patch date expected currently. ADDED

    4. Replay System
      -Is in the process of being overhauled, but we have no firm ETA on when this will be done as we are asking the developers for a large number of changes all around. Additional features will include chat box, timers, fast forward/rewind, kill record. At this point we have enough feedback there's not a lot of need for new topics; we know what players want to see in the new system. ADDED
      1. Spectator Mode
        -We've sent back some bug reports to the developers. ADDED

    5. Global Servers
      -The West Coast US server located in LA is now open!
      • Southern US: More coming as needed later on.
      • Europe: The UK server was added.
      • Asia: We will not be placing servers where there are established native versions of Cross Fire
      • South America: We do have plans for hosting servers in there. No ETA yet.
      • Oceanic: No plans for a server.
      • Philippines: No plans for a server.
      • Everywhere else not mentioned because the list would get ridiculously long: No plans for a server.
      -Staff Sergeant+ Servers
      -Opening Global servers are currently taking priority.

    6. Player/Volunteer/Non-Z8GAMES Employee GMs.
      -Are not being considered. There's been several frank discussions on this matter on the forums and within our staff. If you want to read them, please use the search.
      To give some insight on the a small window of the issue, we can look at legalities: NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) are very tricky documentation to enforce if broken when not backed up by monetary compensation; a court in the US ruled a number of years ago in a case against EA that both tangible assets such as game subscriptions/box copies as well as intangibles such as game items and/or points do not constitute a wage or salary.
      1. Okay, put more GMs in-game!
        -There ARE GMs in-game more or less 24/7. We do observe games under pseudonyms and problem players identified by GMs are addressed. Even were we to have player GMs, we could not cover every room all the time. There are GMs working at Z8GAMES that have never posted on the forums, who work solely in-game or otherwise behind the scenes.
      2. Why are the GMs not visible?
        -It would be hard to catch people breaking the rules if they knew we were GMs. That being said, going forward our MODs will carry a moderator tag; though they will have no in-game powers, they will be visible participants in the game.

    7. Language Filter
      -Will remain required for the moment. It will be fine-tuned. The fact that it inadvertently censors foreign language words is moot; the game is English only.

    8. Spelling errors
      -Are noted, and will be patched as they come available. Trying to explain to ESL developers "Bumb" isn't quite the word is sometimes tough.

    9. Mac/Linux compatibility
      -Such decisions are entirely in the hands of the devs, and they have currently expressed a lack of time and interest in porting the title.

    10. Log out v Quit
      -Is planned in the future

    11. Ragdoll, Glass breaking, Destructible Environments.
      -While these are good suggestions, they also require a considerable jump in processing and graphical power. SOME MAPS ALREADY HAVE THIS
      A. Increased Death Effects
      -Maybe, but this is a T game, not M.

    12. Voice Communications
      -Good idea, but requires a LOT of work before implementation can occur.
    1. Zombie Mode and Mutation Mode
      -They're here.

    2. [Random Weapon XYZ]
      -We will see a regular flow of new weapons throughout the game's life. If you have any suggestions on weapons you would like to see in the game please post about it and you might end up seeing it in the game eventually. Bear in mind these sorts of threads will get little to no response from the GMs, though we are reading.
      1. [Random Weapon Modification xyz], Equipment, Iron Sights
        -For the moment, extremely few modifications/items are being considered for release; we're not soliciting suggestions as the developers are very firm on what will and will not be included in this particular category. These, with few exceptions, are cash-shop exclusive items in other Cross Fire regions and we are of the firm policy players should not be able to simply pay to win.
      2. Large Weapon
        -Grenade launchers, <adjective> launcher, flamethrower, plasma weapons, nukes and other excessively large, shocking, or high-damage items are not being considered.
      3. Selling Starter Guns
        -Is not in consideration. We gave this ability to players in Closed Beta to afford them a bit of extra GP and ended up having an absurd number of accounts that sold down to zero guns with no resources to buy a replacement. We never intended for these guns to be sold after the Closed Beta period, for precisely that reason.

    3. [Random Map JKL]
      -We will see a regular flow of new maps throughout the game's life. If you have any suggestions on maps you would like to see in the game please post about it and you might end up seeing it in the game eventually. Bear in mind these sort of threads will get little to no response from the GMs, though we are reading.
      -Cross Fire is an urban warfare-styled game; maps such as jungles, open snowfields, or other purely "in the wilds" venues are not being considered.
      -These areas are devoid of innocent casualties; please don't suggest poor Granny should be kicking around to be shot.

    4. Single-Player/Mission/Storyline/Quest Mode
      -Is not up for consideration.
      1. Releases to consoles/handhelds
        -There won't be a Cross Fire for 360, PS3, PSP, or DS.
      2. Controller Support
        -May be available in the future. For the moment there's some third party programs that can re-map keys, but we cannot guarantee their compatibility with XTrap.

    5. Game Modes
      -The following have all been suggested repeatedly and don't need additional topics:
      • Capture the Flag with infinite variations (1/2 flags etc)
      • Protect the Target Individual
      • Kill the Target with infinite variations
      • Base Victory / Map Domination ADDED
      • King of the Hill / Area Defense
      • Snipers Ahoy (Not under consideration currently)
      • Hostage(s)
      • Historical Events (None are being considered)
    1. Honor
      -There have been a lot of topics about honor recently. There is no way for the server to tell if a person is leaving voluntarily or not.
      1. Resetting Honor
        -If and when honor becomes a serious metric, we may elect to blank slate everyone's honor and/or will offer a honor reset item in the mall. However, this is a long-term outlook.
    2. Visible Scores on Rooms
      -We've requested this feature though there's no current schedule for its release.
    3. Sprint/Movement boost effects
      -No plans at this time.
    4. Medic Pacs/Health restoring items
      -ZM only. Will not be brought across to other modes.
    5. Vehicles
      -There are no plans to implement vehicles.
    6. Night/Day cycles/maps, Ambiance such as adverse weather.
      -Definitely being considered.
    7. Mines
    8. Larger clans
      -Will be available as time passes.
    9. Friends List
      -We're aware the usage is limited currently; this is not a game-feature but a Z8GAMES feature and will be worked on to improve the gaming experience for all. Even though the game has launched, the buddy system will still be in Beta and receiving frequent work; integration into Z8GAMES may come at a later date. Some things we will likely be including:
      -See online friends ADDED
      -See rooms / join a friend ADDED
      1. Friend Invite Reward Program ADDED
        -We're not closing the door on this idea.
    10. Clan List
      -We're aware the usage is limited currently; this is not a game-feature but a Z8GAMES feature and will be worked on to improve the gaming experience for all. Even though the game has launched, the clan system remains in Beta and receiving extensive work. Full integration into the game will take considerable time. Alliances are being considered.
      1. Reset clan record
        -May come in the future
    11. Achievements/Trophies/Goals
      -There's not a lot of enthusiasm internally with these sorts of things on either side. It might be brought up again later, but for now it isn't being considered.
      1. Bragging Rights
        -That being said, we aren't eschewing some little bragging points. The developers won't be involved in this, but we are planning some small badges or other visible rewards for winning events and/or tournaments. Our last winners received a Special Spray that will never be seen again, for example.
    12. Fully Customized/Uploaded Logos
      -This is not a feature we intend to provide; with the massive number of clans and more being formed every day, the amount of manpower that would need to go into such monitoring is astronomical and simply not feasible currently.
      1. Custom Spray Images
        -Much like logos, would be a massive undertaking to keep content out of the realm of offensive.
      2. Custom Player skins
        -Much like logos, would be a massive undertaking to keep content out of the realm of offensive; there's also the issue of copyright and the consideration of color advantages.
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