[Mod]kelathe: READ B4 U CLOSE PLZ

You assume that its not running a service in the background? How do you know it only bans for running the program? Again, another assumption.

With the logic presented there, you should realize that Z8 owns your account and if they deemed it so, can and will ban it permanently and you will have no say in it. I am merely telling it as it is. Its merely your choice.

This issue can be addressed to support ticket since obvious problem is obvious. There is no need to continue this troubleshoot for something you know you shouldn't have done in the first place.

I already accepted that but you still havn't told me why i can't buy stuff from the mall. You saw the pic. the ban ended in 2010 so why did it come up all of a sudden?? I can play the game i just cant make threads on my pc or buy stuff from the mall.. now can u plz do something about it?? It happened today, before that i could buy zp and make threads on my pc now i cant. why? fyi its the same offence i got in 2010 and it ended i could buy stuff normally until now.


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