how to get golden guns

guys plz replay because i am new at crossfire and saw people useing them
just wanted to know how to get them.


  • You know when you login, right? There is something called the black market, and if you buy zp from the website here, then you can buy crates. spin these crates and you can get something called cf coupons. once you get enough cf coupons, you can buy golden guns.
  • you have to not be a noob
  • DragMeDragMe Apprentice
    you have to not be a noob

    That was a bit uncalled for.

    By the way, you can get coupons from GP crates too, to check how much you have, click on owned crates at Black Market then look down.
  • golden guns

    Just wanted to know is it worth getting gp crates?
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