Buy Z8 Points with GoCash Game Card!

We are pleased to introduce a new convenient way to purchase Z8 Points: GoCash Game Card! GoCash Game Cards allow you to buy Z8 Points hassle-free. With this payment method, you'll be able to purchase Z8 Points for your favorite Z8 games without having to use a credit card or bank account. GoCash Game cards are available at Gamestop stores all across the United States and will be available soon in 7Eleven and Walgreen’s stores.

At the present time, $10, $15, $20, and $30 value GoCash Game Cards are available at Gamestop stores in the United States. Please notice that the price points at Z8Games for GoCash Game Card are different from other payment methods.

Price ZP Z8 Mileage
$10 USD =11,000ZP+1,100 Z8 Mileage
$15 USD =17,000ZP + 1,700 Z8 Mileage
$20 USD = 23,000 ZP +2,300 Z8 Mileage
$30 USD= 35,000 ZP +3,500 Z8 Mileage

How to use GoCash Game Card:
  1. Buy a GoCash Game Card at any Gamestop store near you.
  2. Scratch off the concealed area on the back of the card to view the PIN number.
  3. Go to and login, or create an account, free of charge.
  4. Go to Deposit page, click on "Redeem Code" and then choose “GoCash Game Card”.
  5. Enter your PIN number in the appropriate field and click the “Confirm” button to receive your Z8 Points!
  6. Upon confirmation of payment, you can click “View My Account” to see your account balance.

To find a Gamestop location near you, please navigate to the following page:
We recommend you call ahead and make sure your store has put them in stock.

-Z8Games Team
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