Common Courtesy.


Common courtesy: a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to conventional norms within a society, or group.

1) Posting in an intelligent, mature manner that goes with the topic of discussion, without deliberately causing inappropriate arguments that demean the original point of the thread.

2) Welcoming new-comers in a polite manner that would encourage them to continuously interact with fellow community members, instead of talking negative and pretty much defeating the purpose of welcoming someone new into your community.

3) Expressing your opinion within the boundaries of the set forth forum rules. The rules were put there for a reason. There is no need to constantly push and test those rules, further causing the Moderators more headache than necessary.

4) Be a contributor, not an instigator. Contribute positive, valuable information or opinion to the community, such as this thread, or don't waste your time. Do not spend your time instigating other threads to the point of all out, blatant flame wars that are completely unnecessary. Conduct yourself accordingly as you are expected within a forum. Be active, be mature, don't cause trouble.

TL;DR section ends here.
Table of Contents
A) Thread Creation
I) The Title
II) Grammar and Punctuation
III) The Wall of Text
IV) Types of threads you should not create

B) Posting
I) Grammar and Punctuation
II) Staying on topic
III) Flaming/Trolling
IV) Quoting
V) Message To Short
VI) Bypassing the Filter

C) Few Random Things
A) Thread Creation

I) The Title: When posting a thread, start with an eye catching title, but also keep it on the topic of what the thread will discuss.


[GM]Saidin's inbox

It's straight and to the point and states exactly what the thread will be discussing.

II) Grammar and Punctuation: Grammar and punctuation is very important in the fact that when a forumer sees "OMG!!! HAK REPERT I SO MAD I KANT C STR8" they either post a troll comment seeing as its a worthless thread and/or start a flame war and go completely off topic. With correct and understandable grammar and punctuation a thread is easier on the eyes and more people will actually read and converse the subject.

III) The Wall of Text: This one is almost self-explanatory, but some people end up missing the ball completely. There is an Enter button on a keyboard for a reason, please use it accordingly.
Have you ever found that your a noob on elimination mode? Well this your forum. Ok first things first. This forum is only for alaska.To not be a noob you gotta get a good weapon. When looking for weapons the best thing to do is pick up AK-47 or a sniper rifle. Now your gonna want a secondary, I say get an anaconda or desert eagle. Grenades can be very useful, you never know! Now first move towards enemy terriotory. About haflway stop because there will always be someone there. Grenade it. Now slowly move towards ET crouching. As soon as you spot an enemy shoot! You should get the kill if you aimed accurately. Now if the enemy is near you then its not worth wasting bullets on him/her. Knife or use any other weapon you have as default. If there are too many in a group wait in a corner, if you can pick up a nade and well, nade it. If not as i said wait in the corner from them. Somewhere not that vulnerably. When they cum shoot. If your the only one left on your team there will cum a stage where you have no ammo. For this your gonna want to drop your weapon by pressing G. Then there should be weapons around you. If not use your secondary weapon. When your the only one left alive stay in one place. Venturing around will get you fragged by enemy campers. So get them fed up and camp. Once you have your sight on them shoot. Oh and the most important thing, watch your back, once in a while turn around in different direction checking for enemies. Whatever you do, dont camp when you have most of your team around. It will get you kicked and you will be called a noob.

That is an example of a Wall of Text.

IV) Types of threads you should not create: I'll just make a list.
1) Kicked from game
2) Overpowered/"Scrub" gun
3) Hackusations
4) QQ threads

There are others but there is too many to list. Don't create these threads for the fact everybody knows about these and it's just spam.

B) Posting

I) Grammar and Punctuation: Refer to section A-II

II) Staying on topic: It's very important to stay on topic when posting to keep the thread going the right direction. If you say something off topic then the thread will go down a different path then was originally intended.

A thread asking "Which gun is better?" and somebody saying "You're just a noob for asking" will cause the thread to tailspin and end up completely off topic in the realm of "Why certain guns are considered scrub guns." Thus never giving an answer to the thread creator.

III) Flaming/Trolling There's really only one thing to say to this. DO NOT flame and/or troll in threads. It's against the rules and you should be respectful of them.

IV) Quoting Just a few rules on quoting:
1) If quoting an image, please replace their image in the quote with something along the lines of .
[IMG Removed][/img]
2) Do not quote long messages, if you do remove the parts you are not referring too.

V) Message to short: If your message does not consist of 10 or more characters, it's most likely not worth posting. If there is a small chance it is worth posting, just go ahead and add a little to it, go more in-depth.

VI) Bypassing the Filter: Again, this is against the rules, show some respect.

C) Random Things

Ok, since I've been working on this for quite awhile, I'm getting lazy.
So, I'm just going to quote a few things from another thread and be finished.
JustLogic wrote: »
Ok, I guess common courtesy would be to not flame new comers threads unless they are really ridiculous.
Common courtesy is not to hijack serious threads.
[MOD]Rex wrote: »
Common courtesy is treating everyone the same.

Where they're bad or good at the game,

Male or Female,

It doesn't matter nationality, it doesn't matter anything.

Common Courtesy is being mature enough to accept what others have to say.

Common Courtesy is not making a wall of text QQing.

Common Courtesy is not yelling, "NO, BAD IDEA, GTFO" It's being polite, or not posting at all.

Common Courtesy is following the rules of the forums, and listening to staff.

Common Courtesy is not laughing at others for what they say or do.

Common Courtesy is not hackusating without full proof, and Knowing for FACT they hack.

I can go on and on.
SirHi wrote: »
Having a high post count does not mean everybody else is a "majority" in any way at all. Correspondingly, a high post count does not mean he/she is a "no lifer", especially when they are just a dedicated or active.

Also, moderators are not hired to be your tool. They are players and forumers alike, and deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect.
BadVoodoo1 wrote: »
Common Courtesy items:

Keeping in mind that it's just a game here, and most of us don't really care too much about this stuff.

Trying to remember that the GMs and MODs don't have any say over patch material, and flaming them for it really isn't going to do any good.

Trying to remember that flaming a patch with obscenities just because the guns/maps/modes/etc. delivered weren't exactly what you expected, even though you had spent the time since the patch before that asking for half of the stuff you were just given, just is a waste of your time.

(In-game Notes)

Try to get a feel for the rooms if you join in-match. For example, if it's a melee SnD but people are using knives, do everybody a solid and stash the shovel. If you're lagging and someone cries about it, don't waste your time insulting them back, just acknowledge it, say there's nothing you can do about it atm, and just keep on going.

tl;dr: Don't jump into a room and try to take it over in-game, check your ego first before you try to check everybody else's, and think about all the stuff you say in your suggestions and requests and complaints BEFORE you get what you want and decide that you hate it and it doesn't meet your ideal. Kthx.

Sorry the end is rushed, I'm getting bored.

Thanks to all who have read and all who suggested and/or helped along the way.


SirHi for the title image and suggestions.
Everybody who posted in the other thread with good suggestions. (too many to list)
D34d3y3 for pulling the thread out of the deletion bin and also making a good suggestion.
Rex for closing/opening/closing at my whim and also making great suggestions. (Such an awesome guy)
Polleous for creating the starting statement. (It was epic.)
Last but not least, all of Z8 staff, for creating this great game and forums.

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