I'm done with competitive gaming that just makes you depressed, stressed and mad all the time. I decided to come back to the good old game to chill playing normal games like years ago. Unfortunately even playing normal games in Crossfire I am depressed even more. Why you may ask? Due to constantly being kicked in unfair way. Here are the reasons I'm being kicked for:
  • I'm too low level.
  • Because I'm too good with trash weapons that nobody play with. First in scoreboard ex. 26/9 KD. But real cheaters with 61/0 oneshooting you every time in the head through the wall, your whole team is like 0/10 but naaah.. nobody will kick them because they are making you win a game :)
  • Because I'm 1 vs 6 and nobody wants to wait even if I already killed 4 of them and I have a bomb on the ground, so I'm just guarding it.
So no matter if you are good or not you will still get kicked for no reason. That's why you shouldn't give such a big power to everyone because people can't use it the proper way. Sometimes you can get into someone's "black list" which results in toxicity and being auto kicked by him and his friends just because you didn't revived them on the middle of the street where you would die if you tried to revive him.

Why should you do anything about it?
Every game are losing player base over the time since the release day and that's a normal thing. Unfortunately some actions can speed up this process. Also players can have impact on that and here's why.

Imagine that even the game is old there is still many people that would like to try out the game. Unfortunately they are being constantly kicked out of the game and it's not due to their bad connection or them trolling or griefing but by sweaty clanmates who doesn't care about anyone or anything. They are such a selfish ones that doesn't even understand that they are slowly killing their favorite game and by that they are also killing publisher potential money.

Okay, so should we remove voting?
To be honest. Yes. But I also prepared few other options for those being scared of cheaters.
  1. Only one per team: Only one vote per team for the whole game duration. Two in total. This would make people think twice before they will waste their only vote kick. Vote kick would be only used if the person was kicked.
  2. Pay first: Starting a vote cost 10,000 GP and everyone who vote as YES have to pay 2,000 GP too. This is kinda bad solution since GP have almost zero value. But still worth a try. Could be merged together with option above "Only on per team".
  3. Moderator: Remove kicking but instead give people to call a moderator by starting a vote which would work just like now. If vote success a moderator could get a notification with details on which server, room and selected reason for example Cheater. This one I like the most but it would require at least one person to be always online and change like every 6-8 hours so 3-4 people in total. People from support could fulfill this role. This one is the hardest to happen but still
If nothing will change... I mean you are just not giving your game a chance to unexpectedly grow and to make even more money. More people more Money. Remember that. MONEY. I hope any changes to the kicking will be made soon.


  • adigagever92adigagever92 Holy Knight
    I have to agree with this thread.

    A some what temporary "solution",if people are willing to pay for it and can afford it,is to buy the battle pass - a premium player cannot be kicked for a month.

    Maybe also would work to have high rank above third general ,even 1 vip,and a reasonable name in English for avoid themselves from being kicked - you have to agree that staff sergeant with nick "bebo1915" and kd 25/3 is looking a bit suspicious.

    What good today - is that there are not many kills/points that someone may lose if they're getting kicked.In the old days there were always that "ace" guy that goes above 60 kills in almost every room and there were always those trash kids who decide to kick them at the very end of the game and make them lose their score and exp after all the effort,and today I  barely see anyone goes above 20 kills and nobody really cares for exp anymore,so these days people don't really see much of a reason to 'kick' others as there is nothing for them to lose.In the only modes that people can lose score today like hmx and ffa the kick vote is  inabled.

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