the problem with the launch

hello. I can't start the game. after clicking on the shortcut, the voucher opens. I press play and nothing happens. the game does not start. everything used to work. I tried reinstalling the game.

I've already played on this pc. and everything was fine. then the game stopped running, I have already tried to reinstall the game. this did not solve the problem, and restarting the PC did not help either.

video recording of the problem.


  • Send a support ticket where to describe your problem , most likely support will ask you some additional info.

  • adigagever92adigagever92 Holy Knight

    Are you sure your pc stats meets the game minimum requirements?there was a big update on this month (few gigs),your pc had enough memory space for that patch?there was an update to the game graphics like 2 months ago,are you sure you graphic card and gpu are good enough?

    You can try this - if you have more than 1 pc and on your other pc the game run properly,then uninstall the game from the pc that the game doesn't work at,and save on usb flash disc the game folder from the pc the game runs properly at..and then install the game from the usb flash disc on the pc that the game isn't work at.

    As the person above with the nick that very similar to mine told-try send a support ticket, if they tell you "reboot your pc" ,and you decide to go for it,there is no need to go through all the cmd coding, there is simply a reboot button in the windows settings.
  • the computer fully meets the requirements of the game. The game was running on the same computer a few weeks ago.  support can't do anything.
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