The Ace: May 3 - 8

Attention Mercenaries,
For those who care about rare and precious weapons that only the elite can have, today there's a chance to get a limited time VIP access to put your hands on selected VIP weapons and feel the true power of...The Ace!

Doors will be opened from May 3rd to May 8th for everyone and you can get your access by playing at least for 30 minutes on each event day, to get a free tour and win the VIP of the day as below:

3 May: M4A1-S-Obsidian Beast 3 days
4 May: B.C. Axe-Beast 3 days
5 May: Desert Eagle-Obsidian Beast 3 days
6 May: Barrett-Obsidian Beast 3 days
7 May: KUKRI-Beast 3 days
8 May: AK-47-Knife-Obsidian Beast 3 days

Double your winning and play at least 60 minutes on each event day and win the legendary Horus Crate!

Track your progress HERE

Terms & Conditions:
Maximum 30 Horus Crates if you played 60 minutes each day.
Games must be completed.
Password protected rooms do not count.

Welcome to The Ace!
CrossFire Team.


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