Noble Gold Collector - April 26 to May 8

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Attention Mercenaries,

We know that owning a nice set of weapons gives a good impression...
Old folks say that mercenaries that take good care of their weapons,
Will also take care of their missions in the best way you can imagine, 
This is why we are rewarding you with extra crates with your purchase:
Bring the Collection together and mix a good image with their full power!

From April 26th until May 8th, the Noble Gold family will be paying a visit to our base, and they bring prosperity with them:

If you purchase the 30EA, 50EA or 100EA version of the following crates on the Black Market, you will get 20% extra crates for free:
  • Harvest Noble Crate
  • Noble Gold Beast Crate
  • Spring Noble Gold
  • Luxury Noble Crate
  • Autumn Noble Crate
  • Late Summer Noble Crate
  • Noble Summer Crate

In other words:

  • 30EA + 6 bonus crates = 36 crates
  • 50EA + 10 bonus crates = 60 crates
  • 100EA + 20 bonus crates = 120 crates

Don't let this opportunity walk away and complete your Collection!

See you at the battlefield,
-CrossFire Team


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