Weapons Expert: Apr 26 - May 2

Attention Mercenaries,

If you want to prove your skills with different weapons, then the Limited Time Contracts Weapons Expert challenges will allow you to show off your skills for all to see!

From April 26 to May 2, a new skill test will be available for you to play! 

Complete all the following 8 contracts, to win 30 2018 Graffiti Crates and level up in your Mercenary Pass!

🟢 Easy difficulty:
  1-Obtain 100 kills with Rifles 
  2-Obtain 75 kills with Sub Machine Guns
  3-Obtain 75 kills with Machine Guns
  4-Obtain 75 kills with Shotguns 

🟡 Medium difficulty:
  5-Obtain 100 kills with Pistols
  6-Obtain 150 kills with Melee Weapons
  7-Obtain 20 kills with Grenades
  8-Obtain 30 Headshots

Hurry up and complete it all now to get up to 12 levels!

keep track of your progress of these Limited Contracts in your Mercenary Pass.

Terms & Conditions:
Games must be completed
Password protected rooms do not count

Good Luck!
CrossFire Team.


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