Support the children of Ukraine - Apr 6 - May 9

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Attention Mercenaries,

From April 6 to May 9, we will have a special namecard and spray available in the item shop in support of Ukraine. All proceeds from those items will be donated to the charity, "Save The Children".

The spray will be available for 6,000 ZP which would result in a donation of $5 USD.
The namecard will be available for 12,000 ZP which would result in a donation of $10 USD.

You can find more information about Save The Children and their Children's Emergency Fund for the children in Ukraine at their website HERE.

Feel free to donate directly if you want to support this organization in their help.

Please note that gifted ZP or bonus ZP will not count towards this donation.

Gifted ZP is for example ZP gained through the Mercenary Pass or ZP Storm event.

Bonus ZP might have been gained through the monthly recharge event or any ZP back events.

Support the children of Ukraine!

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