Password Security Reminder

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Attention Mercenaries!
To ensure account security, please see some details below that you can take to make your account safe:

Change your password regularly and use security services

  • The easiest method to protect your account is changing your password regularly
  • There are mobile authenticators (OTP) that can be used as well
    Passwords should not be easily guessed

  • Passwords should be over 8 characters (up to 16), containing alphabet, numeric or special characters

  • Note that for Z8Games website, we allow 8-16 characters, and special characters include the following: @ # ^ * ( ) _ - + = [ ] { } : ; < , > . ? /
  • Do not use the same password with other websites or one that could be easily identified (such as name, birth date, telephone number, etc.)
  • You can easily change your password on the website:

Set up 2-Factor Authentication, for more information on 2FA, please see the link:

Stay safe on the battlefield Mercenaries!
-CrossFire Team


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