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I want to focus on Zombie mode and I would like to know what are the weaknesses of the bosses/bosses... Just so I can write it down and know when I get there. I had stopped playing, but I'm going to create another account only focused on this mode, so I asked for this help because I don't know much about the mode itself. I only know that there are 3 modes or 2 MZ... Anyway, whoever can help in the description of the MZ2 and MZ3, I will be very grateful.


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    Under "cooperative modes" you have different modes available for play.
    They depend on the mode you want to send, also how the game advanced modes and maps got harder and with better rewards and pernament weapons, there are also some special zombie weapons that you can acquire throughout the game which have special abilities. 

    Zombie mode:
    In zombie mode you fight enemies throughout waves on the same single location or you advance as game goes by, by moving to another location or just "teleporting". I would divide maps in few different groups:

    Biohazard, Unearth, Venice, Valkyre Lab, Crater, Dinner Theater, EMD Lab and Devastated City are maps where you fight zombies through 10-20 rounds depending on the difficulty and you gain points based on which you get a crate reward (bronze, silver, gold, crystal and red crystal) and that are either hp meds or revive or zombie sprays, namecards, gear and weapons which are all (except meds and revives) on days limit. After defeating boss 5 times you get special boss crate with similar rewards. There are no pernaments weapons or items. These are older and first and these modes are easier than most others, they can be easily done with regular weapons. Crater Dawn is same as Crater only has little different ambient harder, boss and better rewards (even a permanent weapon through shards), also has a shop whose points you collect by killing zombies and can help you to boost the game.

    Final Arena and Elemental Temple are modes where you fight against only bosses; FInal arena contains diferent bosses that players choose after each one is defeated, you get regular rewards like in previous only themed by theirs bosses, reward through points and 5 boss defeats; Elemental Temple has 2 side bosses and Main boss which al have their crates for which you get rewards that are regular but with chance of getting pernament weapon or gather shards that can be exchanged for days or pernament (if you have enough). 

    Death Rally is a mode where you surf your way downhill nad kill zombies and shoot or collecting targets. Score you collect adds up on next zombie mode game you play. You can start the game solo.

    Titan Citadel is mode where you play through waves of regular zombies, 2 side bosses and 1 final boss. You have abilities that you can choose from, of which one is most important Sledgehammer becouse in particular time when you hit side bosses you cancel his attack and knocks out for some time and gets critical damage. On final boss you can use either Shield Card to backfire his throwing attack back to him or Medic's Grenade which will cancel that attack when you are in the semicircle of it. This mode gives only Boss reward after 5 times and can get you bonus rewards if its hardest. You can obtain many future pernament weapons by collecting shards and 2 weapons pernament that are special zombie weapons.

    Void Rift, Frozen Abyss, Arcadia and Inferal Shrine are THE HARDEST (you need to have special zombie weapons or/and high skills and somewhat good team) and are modes where you fight for 3 (random by order) side bosses and a final boss. By killing zombies you gather points which you can exchange for abilities that will help you in game, which change every wave. You "farm" by killing waves and can summon boss if more than half players comes on the specific place. you get rewards by getting rank (high score-high rank), by defeating boss 5 times and by how many times you played the game (its like a battle pass, you have diferent specific rewards). Rewards are regular and themed with possibilities for possibilities for pernament shards weapons or special zombie weapons. You also have an ability to slide (which recharges, but shortly, after using it), which dodges the attack in the moment its used.
    In Void Rift you have different abilities to choose from to upgrade yourself (attack, defense, soul) and Skills that you can use in game ( I like the Recover health the most because you can recharge your health if you need to and helps on final boss that curses you and its like you're poisoned). 
    Frozen Abyss is very similar to Void Rift, only has different abilities and no skills.
    Arcadia has also similar but instead of abilities and skills you have ability orbs and Utilities like those of Titan Citadel (Sledgehammer also very important).
    Inferal Shrine also similar, has abilities and different skills you can choose only after defeating each boss. Also has special shop in lobby for special coins that are hard to gather through out the game.

    Zombie mode 2 - Shattered Station, Shipyard and Battleship:
    In zombie mode 2 your mission is to defend your base, which is your veichle. Enemies spawn from other side and attack you and your base, you have special points you get (but you have a limit) with which you can choos one of item from the shop which can either help in defending base (turret, Plasma Shocker, Claymore) or help you (Healing, Ammo, weapons). While you kill enemies in each round you can gather crates that open on the end of every round and you instantly get a reward that are regular rewards or blueprints that can be exchanged for weapon on days for coins (which are also a reward). You choose crate on the end and with special key (bought by zp or gotten by other events/rewards) and can get some of others regular rewards with chance of pernament (very hard).

    Zombie mode 3:
    You have rounds of zombies, semi bosses and final boss, you have skills that you upgrade in game lobby (with points you get by playing and advancing in levels) and defense that you also choose in lobby. I suggest Drone becouse it flies with you and helps you and deploy it as soon as you spawn. Reward crates after every round/semi boss/final boss, you can get bonus crates, rewards are regular.

    Zombie mode Extra:
    You play as one of the zombie bosses, you can choose which one in lobby, you fight with his attacks and special attacks (that recharge) and go through waves that are random, either zombies or bosses. Reward are Trial Pieces which can be exchanged in lobby shop for various items and even permanent weapons. (I allways play with Gigant Fist becouse he deals great damage and has the most health so can always be in the first line of attack). Every boss has a special and important skill Backward Dash that is done by pressing S key twice and dodges you back from enemies and attack.

    I've been playing zombie mode since it got firstly availabe (Unearth and Biohazard were the first ones), my advice is: allways move, try somehow gathering zombies on 1 spot while circleing around them and shoot them all the time, even if its boss or semi boss, some of them have special attack that you dodge just by moving to the side. On boss fight shoot boss as much as you can, on weakspots if he has one. Also try to shoot heads as much as possible. As you play you will get to know tactics of how each game works. Special zombie weapons are key for some maps, I play with M4A1-S Laser as it has great special attack and is strong and accurate, also there is a trick: use ability (right click) right after you empty the magazine and when you get back it will restore itself, Shotgun (cant remember exact name) is very usefull for zombie groups as it has infinite granade launcher with right click, especially for maps like Void Rift. Most players play maps that gives them permanent rewards, I do too, have just few I dont have yet, but it I will aquire it eventually. Its also fun to get on maps and to play for fun.

    Some of the stuff I wrote are my personal, subjective view of the game, I could write more about each map but this is the main things, you can discover mostly by playing, but if you have some questions be free to ask and I will try to help you out.


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