CrossFire West Esports 2022 Roadmap Announcement

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Attention Mercenaries!
We are excited to announce the CrossFire Esports 2022 Roadmap!
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Visit the Esports Hub ( to view the full roadmap and get caught up on the latest esports schedules & rules.

CFEL (CrossFire Elite League)

  • CFEL is the highest tier of competition for CrossFire professionals
  • 3 month seasons for 8 pro teams to compete in
  • Two seasons will take place in 2022
  • Season 1, March ~ May, invited teams
  • Season 2, July ~ September, relegation tournament with CFOL teams
  • CFWE Region restricted

CFOL (CrossFire Open League)

  • CFOL is the 2nd division companion league next to CFEL.
  • Has the exact same format as CFEL but gives a chance for other teams to prove themselves
  • Qualifiers will take place in March to enter
  • 3 month seasons for 8 teams to compete in
  • Two seasons will take place in 2022
  • Season 1, March ~ May, qualifiers will be posted to enter
  • Season 2, July ~ September
  • Top teams will be placed in a relegation tournament with CFEL teams to determine who will make it in to CFEL Season 2

Super Cup

  • The Super Cup puts together the best teams from West CFEL and Brazil CFEL
  • These top teams will compete to see who really is the best of the best
  • Super Cups will take place after each season of CFEL (May/September)


  • Similar to the previous CFCL Open, this will be a monthly SND tournament where ALL weapons are allowed
  • Open to the community, available to players for all skill levels

Community Tournaments

  • Be sure to check out CPL (Community Pro League)
  • Runs every Sunday, with ZP and crates up for grabs


  • Hosted by ebattle
  • Monthly CrossFire championship events for the community


  • More details to come, stay tuned!

Get your team together and start practicing for the 2022 competitive season!


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