Account got scammed and no matter how many tickets I sent it always respond with the same reply

So as the title said, my other account got scammed because of my carelessness. Apologize on my behalf for bothering the support, but there are many things support need to understand before closing the ticket:
1. there's no way I am gonna know the current email registered with.
2. how am I suppose to remember the exact date which my account was created when it was years ago.
3. shouldn't you be able to prove your identity with just security question alone since it's unchangeable, if that's the case then why don't you just ask the security question that was set when the account was registered before closing the whole ticket down, there are 9 questions and I got answers for all 9 of them and I couldn't remember which one I have set with, at least tell me the question so I can answer the right question.
4. I also have the most recent purchase transaction id and screenshots with the email that the account was registered with prior to the scam, how does that not prove my identity.
5. If none of these prove my identity, why isn't there for an option for private conversation which you can probably ask everything you need that can prove my identity.


  • [GM]xavz[GM]xavz Beginner

    When you create an account we send you a email to comfirmed you registered. The security question, birthday, creation day cannot be change, again you need a certain amount of right information to be able to proceed with the process. If you get not enough information as an answer then you did not provide enough valid information to proceed with the process.

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