Friendlist limit

Hello lovely community,hope everyone's fine!I want to make another suggestion that has been suggested too many times and its about the friendlist limit(max 100 people).I cant find any reason why this happens,its like 2022 and we still dont have the option to add more players in our list than we already have if our list is full, only way to add new people is to make us choose to delete some of our friends we used to play in the past and are not so active anymore.My main question is why through all this years we didn't get any friendlist expansion item or why didn't cf simply increase the limit number.As we all noticed its 2022 and not 2010,an era where the game still it is at some points!Hope that more people than me are gonna support this suggestion, which is gonna improve the game slightly!


  • I doubt that out of 100 friends online, all 100 if you have at least 50 people , then there is still some sense in expanding the list of friends , do not forget also about the fact that if you are in a clan , then it is not necessary to invite clansmen to friends

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