Bingo: Toy Soldiers Edition - January 12 to 18

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Attention Mercenaries,

Do you remember a mission that we had a few months ago?
In short, it was basically a number battle to conquer a Bingo...
Well, we succeeded at it and now we must defend our conquest!
We have called some old Toy Agents and got them all together
To officially form since this moment the new Toy Soldiers Squad.
Ready to join forces? *Moony gives a small toy rifle to his werewolf doll*

From January 12th until 18th, you have the chance of completing your Toy Soldier Collection in this new edition of the Toy Soldiers Bingo. Only because they look like a chibi it doesn't mean they don't know how to use a weapon!

If you want to have any of them on your side, you better keep an eye on how you get spins with the following Sub Events:

  • VIP Bingo:

Buy any VIP Item and get 50 Draws + 1 Guaranteed Number (Can be obtained one time only)

  • Login Bingo:

Log into the game and get 2 Draws + 2 Prize Shuffle (Can be obtained once each day)

  • Endurance Bingo:

Play 30 Minutes and get 1 Draw (Can be obtained 5 times each day)

  • GP Massacre:

Spend 500,000 GP and get 20 Draws (Can be obtained one time only)

  • Binge Bingo:

Play 10 Hours in total during the event and get 20 Draws (Can be obtained one time only)

  • ZP Bingo:

Buy ZP and get Draws depending on the amount:
1,000 - 4,999 ZP = 1 Draw
5,000 - 9,999 ZP = 2 Draws
10,000 - 19,999 ZP = 4 Draws
20,000 - 39,999 ZP = 8 Draws
40,000 - 49,999 ZP = 14 Draws
50,000 - 99,999 ZP = 20 Draws
100,000+ ZP = 40 Draws

Keep track of the draws you can earn HERE.

On this occasion, you can randomly get any of the following 8 Toy Soldiers to join you in the battle as the Main Prize (Remember that you can Shuffle the prize if you already own it and you prefer a different one):

  • Dahlia-TMP-Eternal Dragon
  • SIA Elite-M4A1-S-Iron Beast
  • JTF-AWM-Infernal Dragon
  • Orchid-Cop-Eternal Dragon
  • FOX-AK-47 Beast
  • SIA-M4A1
  • Trinity-Barrett M82A1-Water
  • Trixy-M37 Stakeout-Rebel-Slug

If you complete all 8 Toy Soldiers, you will also receive the new Toy Soldier Namecard as reward for completing the Toy Soldier Collection!

Play the Bingo HERE.

*Moony clears his throat to read the following warning label* "Keep toys out of the reach of children, adult supervision required, they might look cute, but they are powerful agents of our Mercenaries Factions"

See you at the battlefield,
-CrossFire Team


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