Mercenary pass missions

V_sSV_sS Beginner

Hello there,
Ever since the mercenary pass has been added to CF west players have been complaining about the missions every single pass and the most common complaint is "I don't like the modes I'm supposed to play to complete the mission" and that happens every time for one simple reason, different people prefer playing different modes and don't like to play others, that's why CF has a variety of modes in the first place.
Also, you can see as a result that many players either totally ignore the missions or they reluctantly farm them and consider that time mission on that mode or map they don't like as a chore rather than a fun time, which defeats the purpose of a game.
And knowing that most of the time the mercenary pass is the main event during the month, I believe it should be fun, so here are a few thoughts I had that can possibly turn it from chore farm event to an event people can actually enjoy:
1- We can remove the specific maps restriction from the pass and instead it can be something like: obtain 100-200 kills in FFA or Complete X number of games on TDM or FFA or SnD this way players can choose which maps they prefer to play.
2- Recently there was an event where you need to obtain kills by different weapons like Rifles, Snipers...etc to complete levels in the pass, I found that a great idea people can choose which maps and modes they prefer and they can complete the missions while they are actually having fun and I'd like to see the normal contracts daily/ seasonal/ mid-season with the same theme.
3- Gaming competitiveness is good in a way, but not all players prefer to play ranked and some rather play pubs and not going competitively at all, So I think ranked missions in the pass aren't actually for everyone to enjoy.
4- Removing time missions, I know it's important to keep players online and the game active but you can actually achieve that and even more time by adjusting the missions a little bit, example: instead of "Play 120 mins on mutation" it can be something like " Achieve X number of kills in mutation" a number of kills that can only be achieved over multiple games, that way people will be more tempted to play and contribute to finish the missions instead of doing nothing for boring 2H and in some cases using 3rd part programs "bots" to complete those missions, which is a violation of terms for them and so annoying for us actually playing.


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