CrossFire Freeze/Crash on Start

Hello, I've been having issues with getting the game to run.
When I launch the game through the CrossFire launcher, it loads up into the login screen. Once the login screen appears, I immediately get the notification "Failed to connect to server." Clicking the "Confirm" button just freezes the game, which then crashes after roughly 1 minute.
I have added CrossFire to the firewall, disabled the antivirus, re-installed the game, but none of these steps fixed it.
Would appreciate help with this, thank you.

Image for reference:


  • Send a support ticket, include details as :
    your region / country
    ISP name
    connection type
    IP over internet
    Also check the status of your connection on ISP side : if you are on a limited data connection (most of the time apply on mobile connection between you and ISP) the ISP start to block almost all connections when you reach 75% of quota limit, you may open webpages, check email ..but games are restricted.

  • I have the same problem exactly . I am running off a desk top cpu. So what is isp ? in game name ? I think they need to make their server easier to hook up with or no body will show!

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