Filling me here on ZM ranked S3 :|

Long story short.... after a lot lot of grinding, I've successfully got the righteous shotgun (PER) and still feeling the pain
That was the day Ranked ZM S3 stared and I even played one match. then after literally 42 hours of me not able to play the game and not matter how long I waited to find a group to start a match it just never happens.... The guys in the leader board are just short of level 20 that means there are plenty of players that are "_/+ 3 levels" of my current level
I know this is not new as I noticed it since S1 started (just the first couple of days then nothing). SO, I’ve turned to you guys to ask "What the freak I'm doing wrong?"
I don't know if these information helpful but I usually play between (5 am - 12 am) UK / "Europe /south" server


  • It is a good thing that you write here, I wish the hours were suitable for the eu server and the server eu as a suggestion.

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