Hacker evrywhere,

Hacker evrywhere,
I know that there is no point in complaining about hackers here.
But I can't take it anymore.
It's cruel how z8 treats us.
We have been used to it for years that so many hackers break the game.
But the Z8 doesn't mind it is cruel to me.
Players with the highest ranks are cheating and know that they have nothing to fear from z8.
I know some players who have been cheating for years and have been reported 1 million times and still have their account.

Of course, the moderator will again deny everything here in the forum, but we players know about it.
It is sad !
You will be banned if you speed up your PC but if you cheat you will be celebrated.
If the moderators and gamemasters were to play in public then they should have banned many players by now.
But apparently they only play among themselves or don't play the game at all.

So I wanted to get rid of that, but I know that it changes zero.


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    Only GM (when are join a game) and support staff (based on a correct report ticket) can ban players, mods not have any power in game.
    Keep send correct support ticket is the way to fight against cheaters.
    Cheaters are banned every day even we don't see-it, in some case can take more time then we think it should but will get what they deserve sooner or later.

  • hacker's and scripts plague every PC games out there, Cf isn't the only one with this problem. We do everything in our power to do so and you wouldn't know how many get banned, or if we are in a game, and what we see. Yes it is disappointing to see and experience but this isn't a easy problem to solve as new hack's/scripts get release, with new accounts, and new ways to cheat as this can be felt even in the newest games out. If you notice anyone suspicious a report will be the best way if not a ticket to support with the replay and SS.

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