Game randomly tabs out and I cant do anything for 20 seconds

Okay, so recently I got a new pc and because I remembered its black Friday sales I thought why not come on CF again and get a couple VIPS for cheap. So all went smooth until I loaded into a game, lobby client etc was fine, but then as I played for barely 2 minutes, screen goes black and I get tabbed out of the game, strangely enough the game sound kept playing but my cursor was missing and my keyboard would not allow me to tab back in. So for after 20 seconds of nothing happening I tried to task manager to close the app but it as soon as I pressed task manager it puts me back into the game but my bullets were not being registered for some reason, 5 seconds later instantly tabbed back out. Task manager wouldn't even open and I had to wait for it to randomly put me back into game after I kept spamming alt+tab and I had to quit manually.
More worryingly, my fans went to full blast when it 'tabbed' me out and I reached around 78C on my cpu temps which really should not be happening with a 3070 on a game like this. I'm able to smoothly stream cyberpunk at 1440 60fps so it is not a hardware issue.
Anyone know a fix to this or will I just have to not play the game, seems like the game either has insane optimization issues , along with the unexplained dump of workload on my system from a 10+ old game makes me think something sinister is going on making it so that i cant even access basic windows commands.


    1. Your hadrware specs. ?
    2. Windows version ?
    3. Other programs running on background ?
    4. Connection to home router : Wi-Fi or LAN ?
  • I don't know if it has something to do with your issue - but 3 friends of mine started also to have problems with the game loading just few days ago...seems the admins updated the game graphics less than a week ago,and now lots of players with old pc's having ram and gpu problems to run the game and it cause to them long loading time and game crashes.

    Anyways ,as you said your pc is 'new',I would've refer you to the mod second question,and check if your os is windows11 ,as the game doesn't support win11 yet.

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