Paranormal Play: October 29th - November 1

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Attention Ghouls and Ghosts!

All Hallows Eve is upon us, and that means its time for the monsters to come out to play! We hope you're ready to play with them, because we've got some supernatural rewards for you if you dare...
From October 29th to November 1st, play on Halloween TDM, Halloween EM, or Horror Hide & Seek to win 20 EP for EVERY MINUTE of playtime! Every horror fan has their limits though... And yours is 15,000 EP per day! Keep track of your progress HERE!

Not quite spooky enough for you yet? We've CHOPPED the prices for limited time Halloween Mega Crate and 2012 Halloween Event ZP Crate. Each of them will be available for 10,000 EP per 10 crate package. Limit 3 of each package per user!

Last minute shopping to get your costume in place is the most terrifying of all! Grab the Pumpkin Mask, Skeleton Mask, or Plague Doctor Mask for 7 days at 1500 EP each! The chilling part about these masks? They are unstoppable, because there is NO LIMIT on how many you can buy! Grab these mentioned items and more in the CrossFire Shop!

Happy Spooking, Mercenaries!
-CrossFire Team


  • You won't get many players in this talk
    This event is not good
    It's better if you don't specify specific rooms, the better
    You won't find many of these rooms
    My God

  • 1 minute equals 20 EP, which means that in 1 hour you can make 1200 EP. The max is 15000 EP per day, to get to the max you have to play 12 hours and 30 minutes of the same game mode.
    1 day equals 24 hours, do you really think that someone is going to play the same game mode for half a day, for some crates that won't give anything?
    Change the EP value, what is this??? You see your game dying yet you still are greedy and don't care about it.
    Thanks, Z8.

  • Really 12h in one mod one room for 15kEP.
    So sad :neutral:

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