Mercenary Pass - Season 17 "Mark of the Beast"

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Attention Mercenaries,

We present the seventeenth season of our Mercenary Pass!

From now until the next update you can complete contracts, level up your pass, reap the benefits of premium account status, and unlock hundreds of in-game rewards including permanent weapons!

Don't miss this chance to participate in this incredible CrossFire event with tons of rewards!

This time the Mercenary Pass bounty list got bigger and on top of the two new permanent weapons, we have for you the brand-new Mercenary Marks and a new shop to redeem those.
Now you can level beyond level 60 and gain Marks on the way to level 70!
At the new Bounty Shop, you will find brand-new Noble weapons, previous Mercenary Pass rewards, and more.
You can gain access to the Shop by either leveling to 60 with the free pass or owning the Premium pass.

When you buy the Premium Mercenary Pass you can also enjoy the following Perks:


Show off your personality with your very own Profile Picture



Please be aware that the Premium ribbon and the profile change option will be awarded every 24 hours.

Do you still have questions? Check out our Mercenary FAQs

An experienced Mercenary deserves to be rewarded after all!

CrossFire Team


  • can i buy some marks for mercenary pass shop ?

  • Does the mercenary pass shop weapons will be changed at new update ?

  • skyybluskyyblu Holy Mage

    do marks carry over each season? sucks for those who paid for the pass to get those weapons lolz

  • @skyyblu said:
    do marks carry over each season? sucks for those who paid for the pass to get those weapons lolz

    From the Mercenary Pass FAQ page:

    "Those Marks will be carried over to each season if you don't redeem them all and you can save them for the next season."
    "Some rewards on the Mercenary Shop will change next season while others will stay available for some time. We are planning to rotate the rewards to give more players the chance to redeem their favorite rewards."

    Marks carry over but rewards can change.

  • The Mercenary Pass shop seems really nice. Though, I'd like to see more information about how it works, mainly which items will get rotated out between updates.
    Chat emotes are a fantastic idea. Being able to communicate to some extent without text is a great thing in a game with a playerbase as diverse as this one.

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