Skulls and Celebrations: October 13 - November 1

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Attention Mercenaries,

Who said you can't bring some bright colors with skulls to the battlefield look alive for the Day of the Dead, let me introduce you to the Calaveras Crate Release And Collection

You will be able to get any of the following for a limited time in the Calaveras Crate:

  • AK-47 Calaveras
  • AWM-S Calaveras
  • D.E Calaveras
  • B.C Axe Calaveras

If you complete the Calaveras set you will be able to get the Name Card and the Grenade.

You will be able to find the crates on the Black Market:
Calaveras Crate 5EA - price: 5,500ZP
Calaveras Crate 10EA - price: 10,000ZP
Calaveras Crate 30EA - price: 27,000ZP
Calaveras Crate 50EA - price: 45,000ZP
Calaveras Crate 100EA - price: 85,000ZP

Let me tickle your funny bone, I will leave you with a little joke, I hope you can find this humerus:
Why do ghosts ride the elevator? To lift their spirits!
........thank you, I'll be here all week.

-CrossFire Team


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