banned from discord

i think i have been banned from discord, i joined discord this month and realised few days ago that the server is missing from my server list.
I didnt wrote much stuff, only suggested a camo weapon suggestion (you can check it in the suggestion forum category ;) ) in the ^Prove youre worth^ channel since im not a high enough level to post in the ^suggestion^ channel. Other than that i havent been chatting with other people, very minor chat activity in the server
Thanks in advance


  • If you are ban from the discord it could be multiple reason which would be deserving, also the rules of the server are displayed. the CF forums is not the place for discussing discord bans.

  • GogiHRGogiHR Beginner

    quote, very minor chat activity

  • again ban do not come from no where, you are more then welcome to message here the discord name but again from pin messages and rules it could have been multiple things.

  • GogiHRGogiHR Beginner

    my discord name is Gordan, and my profile picture is a javascript code snippet gif

  • if you would of check the rules and pinned message it should be pretty obvious why you were banned.

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