Camo weapon collection suggestion

i would like to suggest a new weapon collection suggestion: Camo.
Weapon list for the collection:

  • M16 Scope Camo
  • Desert Eagle Camo
  • M16 Silencer Camo
  • 9A91 Camo
  • AK47 Camo
  • AWM Camo
  • AUG Camo
  • QBZ95 Camo
  • P228 Camo
  • Kriss Super V Camo
  • Dual Karambit Camo
  • PSG1 Camo
  • MG3 Camo
  • M14EBR Scope Camo
  • M14EBR Silencer Camo
  • USP Camo
  • Galil Camo
  • SG552 Camo
    The collection would be divided into 3 types of collections; Camo collection 1, Camo collection 2 and Camo collection 3.
    Since there are 18 weapons that would be 6 weapons per collection.
    Each collection would have a different completion reward: for instance,

  • CC1 -> Namecard Camo (just a camo pattern on the namecard), Spray Camo

  • CC2 -> Grenade camo set(flashbang, smoke, grenade)
  • CC3 -> Character equipment camo set (backpack, goggles, helmet... in a camo pattern)
    And maybe if you collect all 3 of the collections, the grand prize would be a new weapon:

* Commando knife (a larger and buffier version of the normal knife)


  • Some weapons cannot be purchased as a permanent weapon (AWM Camo and SG552 Camo i think)
  • These weapons can be bought via both ZP and GP so the sorting througout the camo collections would be hard, meaning it would need a balancing through the collections (1 collection should have a mix of gp and zp weapons)
  • The rewards arent something special after you've spent your whole life collecting the weapons
  • The grand prize is a whole new weapon so designing it will be a long process

Let me know in the comments what you think and add something if i forgot to mention. Any advice or comment is appreciated,


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