When will such a union take place?

When will such a union take place? (West + BR + Russia)
when will the dream of millions of players come true?


  • efran20efran20 Beginner

    Probably not , whilst kids are spending the servers get trashed more. Stop spending servers will be revived.

  • AndemiAndemi Beginner

    Everything is written with the help of a translator

    I hope that never, everything is very simple-the localizer of the Russian version of the game-Mail ru. Mail ru is a very greedy and unresponsive corporation that thinks only about pulling money. So they themselves will not want to unite. But there are a couple of advantages in the Russian localization:A responsive bugtracker that listens to \ bans\and solves unusual problems of players(not like some(well, you understand!)).This is the first,the second is the players of the Russian version.
    In the Russian version, the players:
    1-Every second person has a black belt in cheats
    2-Every "professional" plays with Autoshoot
    3-During the game, they will always tell you how they took your mother to the movies and ..........

    Therefore, I would not advise thinking about connecting to a Russian server.Or are you not satisfied with hackers from the countries of the rising sun??

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