Vote system

To make your job a little easier, we recommend that the in-game vote system be dropped or completely removed from the game with 5 votes. Keeping it coming back to maps like ffa, hmx, zmKeeping it coming back to maps like ffa, hmx, zm Instead of the Vote system, users with fraudulent, macro or game trolls detected by secret voting, respectively. Perm, 30 days in prison (only training mode), macro player (60 days) Troll ( 7 days At least for this type of users , I think that the reduction of incoming report messages is necessary to lighten the workload .I sent about 10 messages of this type in the survey again, you can see it there.You can send the user like sheriff for such situations to lighten your workload.You can say send a message and we will take care of which one to send, SD Rank, normal SD mode, ffa macro spam player, zm 1 hit, bots hmx modes etc?

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