Back to School: Report Card - September 17 to 26

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Attention Mercenaries,

It's that time of the year again when we have to wake up early, work double shifts,
Study until late at night, worry about finding X... A lot of subjects, a lot of homework,
And we have never considered the most important part: Maybe X doesn't want to be found!
But don't worry, whether you find it or not, hard work always pays off! *Moony starts handing out the tests*

From September 17th to 26th we will be evaluating how good you are doing in our yearly Report Card! Check the requirements and start preparing for the tests, because we only want the top mercenaries in our lines!

Obtaining Grade A in 3 or more of the 7 subjects that we are gonna evaluate will grant you the Grade A Student Ribbon! Please keep in mind that all rewards (including the Ribbon) will be delivered in the next 48 hours after finishing the Event.

However, Grade A Ribbon won't be the only reward you can get. You will receive a different type of crates depending on your score in each subject: the higher the score, the more crates you get!


Algebra: Feeling confident with math? Do you think you can add more than your enemies can substract? Prove it in your K/D ratio for up to 10 Purple Camo Crates.

Business: In order to win you must also take a risk! Let's see how is your ZP portfolio going for up to 50 Oriental Dragon Crates.

Urban Landscapes: How well do you know your CrossFire geography? Can you tell how many steps separate A from B in most maps? Prove your location skills for up to 20 Cardinal Crates. (Track your progress on each specific map HERE)

Phys.Ed: Have you been training enough to the boss battle? Show your muscle for up to 10 Ice Blade Crates.

Art of War: A well trained mercenary must have as many kills with a rifle, a grenade, or even with a Rubber Chicken! Master all kind of weapons for up to 15 Beasts of Prey Crates.

Mythology: Are the gods on your side? Get ready to beat hordes of minions like the Spartans did and crown yourself after defeating the boss for up to 20 ZM Special Crates.

Biology: Have you studied the necessary components required to enhance your jumping skills or turning invisible for a time? Mutate your enemies or fight against the infection for up to 10 Empire Crates.

Ready to rock this year's exams? Be careful to not leave all the homework to the last day! See how you are doing in your Report Card.

See you at the halls,
-CrossFire Team


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