Bullets and Brambles: September 8th

Attention Mercenaries,

Every weapon has its bullets and every rose has its thorns...When you combine beauty and danger together, the result will be Thorns Crate: the most dangerous beauty!

Starting from September 8th, the New Thorns crate will be available in the Black Market with the following weapons to complete the collection:

Jungle Knife-Thorns

You will get a legendary Namecard when you collect all weapons.

Looks can be deceiving!
-CrossFire Team!


  • i earn them myself , but i don't know how

  • majthillermajthiller Apprentice

    You have too spend money. They need your cash. Game is Dead.

  • You guys need to make other way to earn zp like watching videos or something like a mission

  • how to win thi weapon

  • VCEFTVCEFT Beginner

    "You guys need to make other way to earn zp like watching videos [...]"
    No, they obviously don't. Their business model is working as it should, as they're able to generate profit on a decade old freemium game. So called "whales", who are a minority of players, generate a majority of the income, because they're spending sh*tloads of money each month (they have a regular income).

    Think about it. Without people spending money, they can't cover costs for development/maintenance, licencing(?), level-designer, 3D-artists, support staff and the list goes on. (No, these cost's likely can't be covered by some people watching ads)

  • wow good gm

  • The colt ain't even one tap, what's the use?

  • We are waiting for the merger vote Neither Rank SD nor zm Rank anymore, most afk can't find players. The game is dying.

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