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Hello there. I signed in to my account after many years, and I spotted some strange inconsistencies. Firstly, "urban_dude_MG" is a name I never used before, and the email assigned to this account also seems to be one that doesn't belong to me. My best guess is that my account has been broken into, but I can't fathom why the only changes seem to be the forum username and the email.

I tried changing the email back to one I own, but unfortunately the website seems to be sending a verification email to the one that doesn't belong to me... I tried sending a support ticket, but it seems near impossible to complete the required fields:

This account is over 10 years old; there's no way I'd remember the security question I used, or the exact account creation date of all things. Not to mention that there seems to be a required transaction field, yet I don't remember making any transactions. I did try sending a support ticket anyway, but it was denied right away due to incorrect information. Figures.

So... what can I do, other than post here? It seems somewhat difficult to prove that I'm the owner of this account at this point. The best I can think of is to provide some old CrossFire replays, though I'd prefer sending those privately to an admin.

I suppose it's not the end of the world, but if anyone has any ideas on how to proceed, please let me know.

Edit: I realized a bit too late that I didn't post this in the right place. Apologies. If a mod is available, please move this to the right category for me.


  • While I nowadays do keep such info safe, I should probably point out that I created this account over 10 years ago. It's unfortunate that I didn't learn how to do that from such a young age, but that's that. I suppose I'll admit that it is my fault in that respect.

    Nevertheless, I'm still finding the support ticket system a bit unfair. The Security Question part, for instance: normally the user should be remembering the answer with ease, but this is the first time I ever encounter the requirement to remember the question. How come? Why should the user be remembering the account creation date of all things, too?

    It's probably worth noting that, as it is, my email remains unverified.

    I don't have access to the current email (because it doesn't belong to me) and nor can I seem to verify it because the email is not being sent to the email I'm trying to change to. If you think this status quo isn't worth resolving through slightly more unconventional means, then we can just leave it be, sure. Doesn't seem to cause me any other issues other than those reminders and the lingering fear that my account could get stolen at any time until I change that email.

    But I should probably point out that the verification system here is also a bit unconventional. With any other website, I would have been able to resolve this issue by now. I apologize if it sounds like I'm acting entitled here (I'm really not troubled by the issue all that much), but I sincerely feel that this support ticket system could use a slight rework.

    If resolving this through other means is still not acceptable despite all this, then I'll try some guesswork a few more times, but I won't go out of my way over this. Thank you for the reply, in any case.

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    Hey there, thanks for the answer.

    @bdsb5u said:
    You know how many players know different info of their friends?you really think it would be that easy to get an account from support just with 15% info of the account?

    Just say the truth-that you know some semi full info of a certain account and now you try to scam it.

    Yeah, that's a reasonable conclusion to make. The situation is hopeless enough here that I can see how it makes it look likely that I'm the scammer here.

    Still, I think there's a solid enough way for me to prove my identity here, namely providing a couple of replay files I have from nearly 10 years ago. Though, of course, those could have also, in theory, been posted publicly and obtained by a scammer, so I suppose it's not quite foolproof either.

    But still, there's no denying that the verification system in place right now is not without its issues, and it's unfortunate that I cannot figure out a way to resolve this other than posting here.

    @bdsb5u said:
    Why would they help you if you don't know 90% of the info?no secure answer/question,no zp transactions,not your own email,and how the hell you don't know your own birthday?

    Ah, let me clarify a couple of things here: of course I know my own birthday and email. What I don't know is the account creation date and the email currently assigned to the account. Although, I recently figured out said email⁠—it's my original email with an "_MG" suffix to it (e.g. should be myemail@gmail.com, but instead it's myemail_MG@gmail.com). This is why I'm finding the whole ordeal extremely odd, and why I "don't have access to it".

    For that matter, my username is not right either. The "urban" part is fine, but I never used "_dude_MG" anywhere. I am 100% certain I did not choose this name (or the email, of course) myself. Yet how come they ended up like this?

    I don't want to insist on this matter, and again, I can live with this situation if it can't get resolved. More than anything, though, I wanted this to be taken as a report, because there's definitely something odd going on here, and that the support system could definitely use some improvements (my biggest concern is, again, that it's asking for the security question; it should only be asking for the answer). Apologies if this has caused any trouble.

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