Player X Banned 2 times in the past for ussing the hack on ZM mode

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The reason why I am opening this disscusion is because for some player we have terms and conditions and for other players which are friends with the Gm `s we do not have terms and conditions at all like take for example this player Player X which I know for sure he used hack 2 times in the past and after he got banned 2 times he still has the Honorable Ribbon which he sould not have it . How do I know this ? I know this because this player told me he used hack on ZM mode to get the rewards and after that he just send a ticket and got forgiven . Obviously they will deny this and say nothing like this never happend . But this is the terms and connditions . All the best .


  • Mate this has happend long time ago . Not now but like I said there are terms and connditions for other people . And this is no accusation is just the simple truth which you are hiding . All the best .

  • the TOS is the same for everyone, regardless of friendship punishment is the same.

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