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Hello crossfire community, lets say some players in cf play zm ranked for more than a year, few hours everyday,

just to get better cores, to improve their core setup, lets say some of them even bought 5 or 6 m4a1 obsidians to

increase their crit rate, maybe paola or florence or roxy, and than after all this struggle they cant get their well

deserved spot in zm ranked leaderboard because hakers and their friends filled all top and even more.

At this point, we should ask ourselves what is the point of having a top if no legit player cant be in the top.

This things were reported several times by many players, but all we get are promises and nothing more.

Considering all the facts, i suggest to remove completely the zm ranked leaderboard; we , "the legit players" that

still play this game and support it with our money, we cant compete with hakers, so better remove the top than

have a "hacker fest top".


  • Since season 1 you crying for zm ranked players ,and you never stopped till now .
    idk you didn't feel ashamed 45 yo and playing this game more than teenager and have no life except this game and crying for everything .

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    Fully support this. If Z8 staff cant bring themselves to manage the top list like CF BR can, I feel like top 100 zm ranked should be scrapped altogether with ZM grand master rank.
    Only players benefiting from it staying are the cheaters, their friends and the alt accounts they use the cheat on.

    Off topic: seems there's a few people who don't agree with this suggestion here due to different circumstances. It's so interesting that it only begs me to wonder what they stand to gain with this even while no legit player can reach top100.

  • If every season its gonna be the same I agree with the OP, there is no reason to have leaderboards or grand master rank for zm ranked. I hear that in CF BR the staff does a good job at cleaning the zm ranked top. It seems that this is not the case on CF WEST.

    In like the last 3-4 months I started seeing more and more people that i recognize in top 100. I played one or maybe more games with them at some point, they took the easy way and now they flex with a 3 minutes clear in the top of shame. They must be proud now but when you ask them about it they feel offended.

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    @d1je1jej said:
    Hello forum user,

    Lets say we play this game since 2008,lets say we send 1000 reports every day for 13 years already.

    Lets say we goes purposely into hmx rooms under titles such as "bot 24/7" or monitor between empty servers to see if anyone farm anything or check our own friend list to see if what every single one doing, just for the sake of cause problems to others

    Lets say we above 45 years old and we still play fps shooting games all day instead of work or do something meaningful with our lifes.

    Lets say we reported top 10 zm rank players,after farm td rank all day with them,and then in the last game do like we "quite the room" and send a report such as "ooooo look gm's there baaaaaad players farm td rank bls do something but I wasn't farming watch replay I left the room" and act innocent like as we weren't farm with them 2 minuets prior to it....and even back stab on our best friend Sn0xy and get our best friend banned.

    Let's say we insult our friends and team mates with words as "bots" and "idiots" for doing a "mistakes" in zm.

    Let's say we crying about "hackers" and "top 100 zm rank list" and million other things for a decade already - and then farm the hell out of that "cf games event" and farm in every single opportunity we get,farm events/farm those 30 minuets zm maps/farm cores with auto clicker...and after it we'd act like "we don't play with hackers we don't play with people who farmed their way into top 100 we don't play with any one who breaks the rules -just as we were the most and the only 'holy' person around"

    I didn't even bother to read and it seems like a waste of time considering how you started your sentence but you are worried about this thread and probably you are one of those top 100 pro players and crying about the removal/banning of players.

    As for the thread, I support it and both hackers and boosted players with 12472189 DPS should be banned and removed from the top 100. I still wonder why it takes so long to remove them from top 100. Do they really want evidence? Isn't 12478127 DPS solo stage 45 clear in 3 min with zm ranked lv 1-20 already an evidence?

  • Clearly a very fair suggestion for the cf community.Whoever doesnt agree with this suggestion is probably a top100 guy who got a place with help of cheaters and doesn't wanna lose it.Players want fair competition and in a mode like zm ranked 3 mins clears and 120k dps arent fair.The board has to be managed like in cf br and all those bots should be removed from top.I still cant understand why we are waiting till the end of the season to remove them as said and they dont do it now

    Ign: thesoldier61

  • maybe it's time for search another nice game, better than make drama in dead forum community

  • I'll be disappointed if I end up in a lower reward tier because a bunch of hackers are pushing legitimate players down in the rankings. They should definitely have been more stringent when it came to hackers flooding a competitive leaderboard but if they manage to clean up everything when the season ends, there won't be any need to riot.

  • Here they see our complaints and think they're just laughingHere they see our complaints and think they're just laughing I mean the first season of the zm Rank season barely until lw 18 .2. the season is up to lw 40. I did 45% rate 46.5 damage incris, 620% critic.Although I have never resorted to illegal means, one day I will not give their names with a strong team.he had 4 50 rifles and 2 boss 68 that season, he lined up 3 50 mg before Tesla Gold came from the season resethe had 4 50 rifles and 2 boss 68 that season, he lined up 3 50 mg before Tesla Gold came from the season reset However, in the match we entered with that strong team, I said that I would drop the S50 without making friends, and it fell. supposed friend did not believe it . We even took a photo to dc .In the morning they blocked the account completely support took care It wouldn't be appropriate if we told you what you're using.Now I'm saying the same thing again 8gb ram, win 10. 500 sata HDD Logitech wireless maLogitech wireless ma let them send me what i use ticketlet them send me what i use ticket I'll tell you what I use as I said beforeI'll tell you what I use as I said before no one cares if you're in the middle Only people we know enter the top 100 .linger here because you are not one of them Now, someone gets up and says how do you mean that season, before the top 100 astronauts came to the game, we were squatting. There was an environment of friends.With the upgrade, they first changed the Floresan, then the zm Rank and now the Rank SD. You may remember before, the rooms were exploding and 200 people were falling into the they're all in the lobby and afk there will be no afflicted nearthere will be no afflicted near because the rooms are exploding , SD Rank does not find . If you want to tighten , there are many who use macros to top 100 and press aimlock without seeing it , press a usp macro and say they do not use it .After that, there is something missing from the Chinese server, I won't write it. plenty of utubeplenty of utube sometimes gamma .. broadcasts, you see it on his broadcast from time to timesometimes gamma .. broadcasts, you see it on his broadcast from time to time tell me the waytell me the way Neither clan match nor SD rank unless it is HD or 2009-2011 version or there are events that are attractive to the serverNeither clan match nor SD rank unless it is HD or 2009-2011 version or there are events that are attractive to the server when neither Rank nor users on other serverswhen neither Rank nor users on other servers even if found, Rank zm is also afk ...📽️📲🔇🔕☢️☣️🤯

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