Got hacked !!!

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My acccount was hacked back in march. Support say that i have to wait 90 days to "try" recover it, cause the hacker change the email ????WHAT??? How ever i've waited then no way for me to remember all my info back in 2013, I've got all the paypal transaction..but its not enough. Did my account lost ? Did I miss something?
If i can't get my account back, it's sad but here, in cf , hackers wins.



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    GET IT BACK FOR ME PLS. HE'S GOT A LOT OF ACCOUNT. HE STOLL FROM ME. I DONT KNOW HOW. TALK TO HIM VIA CF THEN BOOM. got screen to proof its him. he said it to me after word

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    if you got hacked, that's because u did something... u gived the ID/PW of your account to someone... or entered in a different website "not z8"... or ur not the real owner of that account, and someone decided to recover it, because they can't scam accounts without ID... so... it's something that u did before.

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