[Suggestion] VIP Weapons trade shop

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How about you give us the ability to change the VIP we have into another VIP we don't have?
Complicated? If so, let me clarify.

From time to time we get some shops at forums as an event, right? Take this one for example: https://crossfire.z8games.com/event/vipitemshop
So what about new one which is (as the title says) VIP Weapons trade shop (you can name it whatever you want)
How it works? Lemme tell you.
For example; Let's say I like a specific weapon. AK-47-IRON BEAST perhaps? and I do want to buy it but I already have another AK, let's just say AK-47-BEAST. If I do buy the one I like the other AK will be totally useless to me. Why so? First of all there are some AKs that cost 100k ZP and some that cost 125K ZP and as expected the one that costs 125K has more perks than the one that costs 100k ZP (common sense), right? Such as: The ability to save or delete your match kills and deaths, and many more. So ofcourse if I have both I'd use the better one, or shall I say.. the cooler I guess? which in this case is theAK-47-IRON BEAST.
So yup, let's say I want to change the VIP I currently have to something else. What do I do?
I head straight to the trade shop and Shazam! I pre-ordered a weapon for 80k ZP a while ago? I could change that weapon into a better one just by paying 45k ZP.
After I do so, the weapon I choose to exchange will be removed from my inventory within 24 hours. Same goes for the Spray & Name card and any other rewards.

You get the idea, right? If you do. What do you think?

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