(CFRL) CrossFire Revival League 2021 ~ 2022

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CrossFire Revival League

CrossFire Revival League is currently still in the works, but is expected to start taking registrations by the end of August. Actual time of registrations and league play is subject to delays for planning and changes. CFRL is not affiliated, organized, or ran by Z8Games or Smilegate West - and can be considered a community created event.


Teams may be required to sign up on a third-party forum for match communications, or apply the use of Discord. This will be announced later in the month, but is required to participate. We will not be using the Z8 Games Forum, or In-Game Chat as a valid form of match communication. (All match scheduling will be responsible and completed by a Team Captain from both teams)


1st Place: $250 USD - 2nd Place: $100 USD - 3rd Place: 10,000 ZP
BETA Tournament expected to have over $300 USD in prizes, along with ZP. Additional prizes may be included such as Tournament MVP, K/D and more. Tournament rules are very limited during the testing phase, therefore zero restrictions will be enforced for weapons, characters, or any items within the game itself. There will be rules added in terms of how a match is played, and calculated to win the match. (13 rounds, 5v5 format, single elimination, etc.)


Questions or concerns can be directed to Spence#0338 on Discord, or you can reply/message on this forum post. All updates, changes, and information will be added to this thread directly.

The main thread is located here: https://forum.z8games.com/discussion/6952171/cfrl-crossfire-revival-league-2021-2022-information-thread/p1?new=1

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