Attention of admins: All name starts by CTM_ are hackers

Good mornings admins,

There are too many players with the name starts with CTM_ and 80% with low level are hackers, what does CTM even mean?
There are a very strange problem here, please care about this admins.



  • It looks like some criminal club

  • Hacker lying down
    Hacker lying down

  • maoamstripesmaoamstripes Apprentice

    These are players who havent logged in since forever and had their name reset due to that inactivity. (They do get a name reset item, so once they login again they can change their name from CTM_* to whatever name is available, if they chose so.) Regarding the hacking, maybe someone breached some of those inactive accounts and uses them for hacking purposes, or some old players decided to start playing again, but with hacks. Nevertheless, the name does not mean that someone is using a hack, just that the accounts name was reset.

  • OMG Thanks for the information, now it is all clear, CTM doesnt mean nothing, it is just a reset name, thanks!

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